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Elizabeth Buchan is the author of several highly acclaimed and bestselling books of fiction, including the bestselling Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman, The Good Wife Strikes Back, Everything She Thought She Wanted, and Consider the Lily.

Elizabeth Buchan is at her witty and entertaining best in our exclusive and personal interview. 

Who or what always puts a smile on your face?
My family. Followed closely by a royalty cheque.

What are you reading at the moment?
Editor by Max Hastings.

Which author do you most admire?
George Eliot / Jane Austen / Ian McEwan… it is impossible to choose.

What’s your earliest memory?
Getting badly sunburnt on a beach near Lagos in Nigeria.

What is your greatest fear?
If I confess I could never bring myself to watch Titanic.

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered with love.

Have you ever done something you’ve really regretted?
Several times...

How do you spoil yourself?
Wine, chocolate, hairdresser, opera, ballet... The list is endless.

What’s your favourite word/book?
There are so many favourites words… but the least favourite are: ‘while you are up’.

Who do you turn to in a crisis?

What makes you angry?
Poverty, and the despair and illness of those who endure it.

Have you ever had any other jobs apart from writing?
Blurb writer and fiction editor.

Are you in love?
I’m plotting to marry Wayne Rooney.

What’s your worst vice?

What are you proudest of?
My family.

Where do you write?
In my study overlooking the garden through which prowl foxes, squirrels, cats and frogs.

Where’s your favourite city?

When was the last time you cried?
When my daughter made it into the top ten finalists in the Times/Naxos Voice of the Year Competition.

One wish; what would it be?
That my family are safe and well and happy.

Did you enjoy school?
Emphatically: no.

Everyone needs a holiday and our authors are no different. Some have had scorching holidays and some quite frankly were too unsavoury to let you into. From dream holiday destinations and holiday horror stories to top holiday survival tips and summertime memories we’ve got the low-down and we’re willing to share…

What's your favourite summer memory?
Sinking into a wine-dark sea on the tiny island of Kea when I was backpacking around Europe.

And your dream holiday destination?
Having watched Footballer’s Wives, I was very taken by the shots of the hotel in Thailand. I could see myself by the pool. But, failing that, I have a weakness for France – its food, landscape, language, everything.

Any top holiday survival tips you can pass onto our readers?
For ladies whose waists are not quite what they were, buy a tankini – its less frumpy making than a costume and avoids the horror of a bikini.

What do you always pack for summer hols?
My earrings. They do wonders detracting from ‘beach hair’.

Do you have any favourite places you like to go in the summer months?
After months sitting on my bottom writing, I need exercise. So – again – France provides the chance to walk and to enjoy warmth and sun.

What place in the world do you think everyone should visit at least once?
India – and I haven’t managed to get there yet. The United States – it is the most surprising place.

Had any holiday horror stories you can let us into?
Driving around Greece as a student with no insurance, three gears and no spare tyre. We had some tricky times and I would never, ever let my daughter go off so unprepared!

What books will you be packing in your suitcase this summer?
I have a stack cluttering my bedside table – Paul Fusell’s The Boy’s Crusade (Weidenfeld), Karen Armstrong’s Through a Narrow Gate (Flamingo), Benita Eisler’s Chopin’s Funeral (Abacus) Katie Hickman’s Courtesans (Harper Perennial), Marion Keyes’s The Other Side of the Story (Michael Joseph).

It's a massive summer for sport - will Euro 2004 make you euphoric, will you be following the England Rugby team on their tour to the southern hemisphere or is Wimbledon more you thing? Or, does the idea of sport make you want to run away and hide?
Via husband and son, I will be forced to follow the England Rugby team. But, I confess, at the thought of sport a deep and cosmic gloom descends.

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