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PROFESSION Children's Book Author. I am just finishing Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, a photo-essay for ages 7 and up on the northern rainforest, and have started a new book for all ages of people on St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology. VITAL STATS 47, married to Rob Surico. We live with "Stretch" the Dachsund. LAST ENVIRONMENTAL BOOK READ Green Cathedrals by Brian Alexander. BEST ENVIRONMENTAL BOOKS READ This is difficult to answer because there are so many good environmental books. However, one book really stands out in my mind. This is Biophilia by Edward O. Wilson. "Biophilia" is a word that Wilson himself coined. It means "the love of living things." He wrote that we are all genetically encoded to have an affinity for the natural world. After reading this book, the path of my own life now makes sense to me. FAVORITE NATURE SITE Wolf Point in Glacier Bay National Park (in Southeast Alaska). This was the place that first triggered my conscious awareness of the feeling of "oneness" with all of nature. ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES AND HEROINES Edward O. Wilson, Grey Owl, Chico Mendez, John Muir, Jane Goodall, Birute Galidikas, Dian Fossey, Rachel Carson, and of course, EVERYONE at NRDC! ENVIRONMENTAL MILESTONE The creation of the concept for national parks all over the world. I believe it showed great vision to set aside such lands for protection. Throughout history there has been an almost unstoppable human drive toward economic development of wild lands. The worldwide system of national parks balances this. MOST WORRISOME ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM The continuing destruction of what wilderness remains in this century. This leads to the loss of plants and animals which leads to the loss of biodiversity which leads to the loss of new things to discover in science and medicine and in our own personal lives which leads to the loss of our natural heritage for all the children in generations to come. I recently did an alphabet book, Animal Action ABC. When I finished writing the book, I realized that half of the animals in the book were either threatened or endangered -- a very sobering thought. WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT? Keep an eye on protecting natural areas in your own backyard, your region, and elsewhere in the world. Find Books by Karen Pandell

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