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Babette Cole is the zany, inspired pen and brush behind a number of wildly popular and successful children's books. In a review of The BAD Good Manners Book (Dial), Publishers Weekly hailed her as "a connoisseur of the ridiculous." Ms. Cole lives in Lincolnshire, England.

Lords, ladies and Puffin readers, read on for an exclusive interview with the writer who created her royal highness Princess Smartypants!

Some of Princess Smartypants choices in life seem similar to yours. Are you the same person?
It's my autobiography - that's quite plain!

If you could have the best horse in the world but you had to live with the Prince who gave it to you, would you?
No way! I'd sell the prince - and keep the horse!

Have you ever met real royalty?
Yes, lots of times - Princess Di, Prince Charles  and the Queen. I've been to one of the Queen's Garden parties and I've met them at various places through our love of horses. And Princess Anne once bought a copy of Princess Smartypants for her daughter, when she was in Australia!

Your Princess is a very strong minded girl. Are you conscious of creating a role model?
She is definitely, definitely a role model! Princess Smartypants first came about because I wanted to rebel against traditional fairytales - all those stories where a prince comes along and saves the princess. We all want to believe it will happen, but sadly, it very rarely does! Nowadays, it's usually the princess who comes over the hill on her big motorbike and saves the prince, instead!

You've lived in lots of exotic places. Which is your favourite?
Tortola in the British Virgin Islands - I've been living there for about 3 months of the year, every year since 1991. It's like being on the moon - it's so different and nobody bothers you. It's really peaceful and I love sailing.

What do you love the most about your job?
Making people laugh! I love absolutely love starting new stories - it's like opening Pandora's Box on a blank new canvas!

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