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Gloria Jean Pinkney was born in Lumberton North Carolina where she set her first book Back Home. While attending high school in Philadelphia she met her husband illustrator Jerry Pinkney who attributes much of his success to her long-standing involvement in his work.

Over the years Gloria has collaborated with Jerry in making quality books for children. She has hired his models assembled costumes photographed sets and helped him research. Today she continues to be closely involved with the illustration process. Back Home marked a new collaboration between the Pinkneys -- the first book written by Gloria and illustrated by Jerry the product of a long happy and productive partnership.

Back Home evolved out of a family reunion in Lumberton North Carolina. It rekindled some old memories and I realized how much history there was in my own family. When I came home and started thinking about it I knew I was ready to write a book. The story is based on a trip I took to Lumberton when I was eight years old. I named the main character Ernestine after my mother and dedicated the book to her. The book has received widespread acclaim and Smithsonian said that it deserves to become an heirloom.

The Sunday Outing Gloria's latest book is the prequel to Back Home. She says, When I was a youngster my great aunt and I would often spend warm summer Sundays at North Philadelphia station. My fantasy while watching the trains pass through was to someday board a North Carolina train and visit the place where I was born. In The Sunday Outing, through Ernestine, Gloria s dreams become reality. Publishers Weekly said, Gloria Pinkney skillfully captures the fidgety impatience of childhood.

For the past few years Gloria has been traveling around the country speaking to children and adults about the making of picture books. She lives with her husband Jerry in Westchester County New York and she is currently working on a third book about Ernestine. The Pinkneys have four adult children, all of whom are working in the creative arts and six grandchildren. Children's book illustrator Brian Pinkney - their oldest son - says of his parents:"They have such respect for each other. I think that's why they have been so successful as a couple". copyright ? 2000 by Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved. Find Books by Gloria Jean Pinkney

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