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Graham Kerr is the award-winning author and popular television personality whose mission of helping people make creative and lasting changes in their lifestyles is the driving principle behind his successful cookbooks and television shows. Since 1973, through personal appearances and in the media, he has taken his message of combining sound nutrition with creative cooking to such diverse groups as the American Dietetic Association of Culinary Professionals. He has worked closely with medical and food professionals internationally in developing his unique style of healthy cooking. Kerr lives with his wife, Treena, on Camano Island, Washington. Dear friends, Yes, you can have food that tastes as good as it is good for you. We have never had so many food choices. We have never been so educated about the dangers of unhealthful dietary and lifestyle habits. Yet on average, we eat larger portions of food. We are getting fatter and relying on the miracles of medical intervention to save us from the ravages of heart disease, stroke, and other debilitating illnesses, many of which could be prevented with even the smallest change in our diets. I want to assure you that together we can make creative changes that last--changes that will excite the senses as they satisfy your physical and emotional needs. To begin, I've included in this book a simple means to evaluate for yourself your need to alter fat intake. And I've provided an overall description of what such changes will mean to you. I've retested, revised and organized more than 250 of my most popular recipes to show you that you don't have to lose anything to reduce the fat, calories, and cholesterol. No matter what your own nutritional needs are or what kinds of foods you like to eat, you'll find a world of creativity and enjoyment in this collection. So for your family, friends and yourself, let me help you bring to the table the perfect marriage of caring and pleasing. It's just what the doctor ordered, and it tastes delicious. Find Books by Graham Kerr

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