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Martha Grimes is the bestselling author of eighteen Richard Jury mysteries and also the acclaimed fiction Foul Matter, Cold Flat Junction, Hotel Paradise, The End of the Pier, and The Train Now Departing.

Praise for Martha Grimes


“Read any one [of her novels] and you’ll want to read them all.”—Chicago Tribune


“Her wit sparkles, her plots intrigue, and her characters are absolutely unforgettable.”—The Denver Post


“Grimes is not the next Dorothy Sayers, not the next Agatha Christie. She is better than both.”—Atlanta Journal & Constitution


“She really has no superior in what she does. Grimes's books are powerful comedies of no-manners, of the assumed gap between the blue-blooded and the red-blooded people…Her world is enriched by every new novel and our admiration grows.”—Armchair Detective


“Martha Grimes, America's answer to the classical British detective novel, is winning the hearts of readers who long to return to the golden age of the dagger beneath the tea cozy and the butler lurking at the drawing-room door.”—San Francisco Chronicle


“A class act…She writes with charm, authority, and ironic wit.”—Kirkus Reviews


“The spirit of Christie, Allingham, and Sayers lives on.”—Los Angeles Times


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