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Mark Pfetzer is a well-known inspirational speaker and personality in the sports world. He has appeared on CBS This Morning, ESPN, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and in Time, Time for Kids, and numerous newspaper articles. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island ACHIEVEMENTS: Received Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karsic at age 11. Climbed Tsergo Ri and Yala Peak in the Langtang region of Nepal at age 14 (first documented climb).
Spent one month with National Outdoor Leadership School in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.
Graduate of Small Arms Training Academy's Tactical Precision Rifle Course in Wyoming. Competed in the 1997 Invitational proskopathlon as the y9oungest scout/sniper competitor. Range Officer for Small Arms Training Academy (firearms instruction for police and military). EXPERIENCE: 8/94 -- Mt. Pisco, Peru -- 19,344 ft. -- Youngest to summit 8/94 -- Juascaran, Peru -- 22,205 ft. -- Youngest to summit 1/95 -- Aconcagua, Argentina -- 23,000 ft. -- Summited 5/95 -- *Mt. Everest (North Side), Tibet -- reached 25,000 ft. -- Youngest climber 10/95 -- Ama Dablam, Nepal -- 22,250 ft. -- Youngest to summit 5/96 -- *Mt. Everest (South Side), Nepal -- reached 26,000 ft. -- Youngest climber 7/96 -- Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Asst. Guide) -- 19,500 ft. -- Summited 7/96 -- Mt. Kenya (Diamond Couloir) -- reached 16,000 ft. -- Youngest climber 9/96 -- Cho Oyu, Tibet (6th highest mtn.) -- 27,000 ft. -- Youngest to summit *The 1995 expedition was cut short by a bad cough that resulted in two fractured ribs, and the 1996 expedition was cut short due to the treacherous storm that hit the mountain, killing eight people. EDUCATION: 1994 High Angle Rescue and Evacuation
1997 Certified Emergency Medical Technician "A"
1997 Human anatomy and Physiology
1997 Basic drysuit and nitrox (mixed gases) certified diver CURRENT TRAINING: Cross Training to include: Weight Training 5 times per week
Running 25 miles per week
Stair climbing 3 times per week
Climbing and SCUBA diving regularly EXTRA CURRICULAR: Mountaineering , Technical Diving, Fly-fishing Instruction, Sport Climbing, Newport Athletic Club, Carpentry, Tactical Precision Shooting, Newport Rifle Club, Motivational Lectures OBJECTIVE: "To be the best I can be at what I do, and help others accomplish what they wish they could do. Pass my experiences on to today's younger generation, and prove to them that anything is obtainable if you try hard enough." Find Books by Mark Pfetzer

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