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Raquel participates in the pursuit of health and wellness with humans and animals alike, sharing her knowledge not only with the general population, but also with entertainers, both in the film and music industry; and professional and animal athletes, including members of the NFL & MLB, polo and fox hunting horses, and dog agility competitors. A successful holistic health specialist, she enjoys her hands-on role as personal trainer and massage therapist to humans, hounds, and horses.

Her years of experience with bodies in motion, research of the body systems, and holistic health, shape the content of her groundbreaking, first book, Stretch Your Dog Healthy, a hands-on approach to natural canine care. In her own words, “consistent, varied movement is integral to the process of healing and the maintenance of health.” An avid animal advocate, Raquel is a wellknown and respected curator of canine culture in her home town of Nashville, TN. A contributer to nFocus magazine, her monthly column, “for the love of dog!”continues to delight Nashville pup parents.

Always in search of answers that lead to a better understanding of flexibility, longevity, health and happiness, Raquel offers a comprehensive and impassioned approach to the experience we all have with our bodies. She contributes her fresh insight and broad view of health to her dual-work with humans and animals, “it is the interconnectedness we all have that truly gives me perspective.”

Raquel is happily married and the proud pup-parent of two dogs.

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