The Sushi Economy

Globalization and the Making of a Modern Delicacy

Sasha Issenberg - Author

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ISBN 9781592403639 | 352 pages | 17 Apr 2008 | Gotham Trade Paperback | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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Now in paperback, the highly acclaimed exploration of sushi’s surprising history, global business, and international allure

One generation ago, sushi’s narrow reach ensured that sports fishermen who caught tuna in most of parts of the world sold the meat for pennies as cat food. Today, the fatty cuts of tuna known as toro are among the planet’s most coveted luxury foods, worth hundreds of dollars a pound and capable of losing value more quickly than any other product on earth. So how did one of the world’s most popular foods go from being practically unknown in the United States to being served in towns all across America, and in such a short span of time?

A riveting combination of culinary biography, behind-the- scenes restaurant detail, and a unique exploration of globalization’s dynamics, the book traces sushi’s journey from Japanese street snack to global delicacy. After traversing the pages of The Sushi Economy, you’ll never see the food on your plate—or the world around you—quite the same way again.

“One of those rare books that reveals a vast and fascinating system behind something you’ve taken entirely for granted. . . . Brilliant.”
—Steve Johnson, author of Everything Bad Is Good for You

“Eminently readable . . . anecdote-rich and quirky.”
The Wall Street Journal

“An authoritative, expertly reported account of this increasingly global business, with the smart elegance of a dinner at Nobu.”
Entertainment Weekly

“Issenberg shrewdly anatomizes this delicacy with more frequent flier miles than Bono.” —New York Times

“A clear, engaging account of the business behind one of the world’s most popular foods.” —Dallas Morning News

“[Issenberg’s] smart, lively voice makes the most arcane information fascinating” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Will satisfy picky eaters (and readers).” —Wired

“A superb fish story. In scenes that prove him a worthy successor to John McPhee, Issenberg has revelatory chats with a wide range of people… The words and experiences of these diverse folks animate nearly every page.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Issenberg's beautifully written book reveals the complex web of commerce, culture, and culinary expertise… It makes enjoying sushi not only a delight for the palate but also a thought-provoking repast for the mind.” —Library Journa “An exquisite specimen of culinary anthropology…. [Issenberg] reveals fascinating wrinkles in the global economy with wit and color.”--Franklin Foer, bestselling author of How Soccer Explains the World

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