Behind Bars

Surviving Prison

Jeffrey Ian Ross, Ph.D. - Author

Stephen C. Richards, Ph.D. - Author

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ISBN 9780028643519 | 240 pages | 01 May 2002 | Alpha | 6.06 x 8.93in | 18 - AND UP
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A judge hands down a stretch in a local, state, or federal prison. It's time for some serious life lessons. With the crime rates soaring in the United States and the prison population growing faster than at any time in American history, staying alive and well -- both mentally and physically -- is tougher than ever.

Behind Bars Introduction

Part 1: You're Under Arrest

1. Busted!

2. Four Fatal Legal Mistakes(and How to Avoid Them)

Part 2: You've Got Jail!

3. Big Houses, Dog Pens, and Gladiator Schools: The U.S. Prison System

4. Hack's, Cops, and Cons: Who's Who in Prison

Part 3: Doing Time

5. Jugged: Welcome to Prison

6. Don't Drop the Soap: Sex in the Slammer

7. My Baloney Has a First Name: Food in Prison

8. License Plates and GEDs: Work and School in Prison

9. Blood In, Blood Out: Prison Gangs and Violence

10. Brother, Can You Spare Some Time: A Day in the Life of Joe Convict

11. We Ain't No Debutantes: Women Behind Bars

Part 4: Beyond The Walls

12. Happy Days Are Here Again: Getting Out
13. Revolving Doors: Fixing the Incarceration Machine


A. Slammer Slang: A Glossary

B. We Understand, Son: Prison Reform Advocacy Groups


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