Selected Poems

Edwin Arlington Robinson - Author

Robert Faggen - Introduction by

Joseph Brodsky - Foreword by

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ISBN 9780140189889 | 288 pages | 01 Dec 1997 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | Adult
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Edwin Arlington Robinson's finely crafted, formal rhythms mirror the tension the poet sees between life's immutable circumstances and humanity's often tragic attempts to exert control. At once dramatic and witty, his poems lay bare the loneliness and despair of life in genteel small towns, the tyranny of love, and unspoken, unnoticed suffering. The fictional characters he created in 'Reuben Bright', 'Miniver Cheery', and 'Richard Cory' and the historical figures he brought to life - Lincoln in 'The Master' and the great painter in 'Rembrandt to Rembrandt' - harbour demons and passions the world treats with indifference or cruelty. With an introduction that sheds light on Robinson's influence on poets from Eliot and Pound to Frost and Berryman, this collection brings an unjustly neglected poet to a new generation of readers.

Edited with an Introduction by Robert Faggen

Introduction by Robert Faggen
Suggestions for Further Reading
A Note on the Texts

John Evereldown
Luke Havergal
Villanelle of Change
The House on the Hill
Richard Cory
Dear Friends
The Story of the Ashes and the Flame
The Pity of the Leaves
Aaron Stark
The Garden
Cliff Klingenhagen
Reuben Bright
The Altar
The Tavern
George Crabbe
On the Night of a Friend's Wedding
Isaac and Archibald
Aunt Imogen
The Growth of "Lorraine"
The Woman and the Wife
The Master
Uncle Ananias
The Whip
The White Lights
Doctor of Billiards
How Annandale Went Out
Alma Mater
Miniver Cheevy
The Pilot
Vickery's Mountain
For a Dead Lady
Two Gardens in Linndale
The Gift of God
John Gorham
Stafford's Cabin
Eros Turannos
The Unforgiven
Veteran Sirens
Another Dark Lady
The Dark House
The Poor Relation
Llewellyn and the Tree
Bewick Finzer
The Wandering Jew
The Mill
The Dark Hills
The Three Taverns
The Flying Dutchman
John Brown
The False Gods
Archibald's Example
Mr. Flood's Party
Ben Trovato
The Tree in Pamela's Garden
Vain Gratuities
Lost Anchors
Caput Mortuum
Monadnock Through the Trees
Many Are Called
Rembrandt to Rembrandt
Haunted House
The Sheaves
New England
Hector Kane
“#Robinson’s# theme was unhappiness itself, but his skill was as happy as it was playful . . . His life was a revel in the felicities of language.”—Robert Frost

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