Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings

George Eliot - Author

A. S. Byatt - Editor/introduction

Nicholas Warren - Editor

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ISBN 9780140431483 | 544 pages | 05 Mar 1991 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | 18 - AND UP
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A unique collection of the work of a forward-thinking Victorian writer

The works assembled here introduce George Eliotís incisive views on religion, art, and science, and the nature and purpose of fiction. Essays show her rejecting her earlier religious beliefs, questioning conventional ideas about female virtues and marriage, and setting out theories of idealism and realism that she developed further in her famous novels. Also included are selections from Eliotís translations of works by Strauss and Feuerbach, excerpts from her poems, and reviews of writers such as Wollstonecraft, Goethe, and Browning. Wonderfully rich in imagery and observations, these pieces reveal the intellectual development of this most rewarding of writers.

Suggested Further Reading
A Note on the Text

Prospectus of the Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review
Woman in France: Madame de Sablé
Evangelical Teaching: Dr Cumming
German Wit: Heinrich Heine
The Natural History of German Life
Silly Novels by Lady Novelists
Worldliness and Other-Worldliness: The Poet Young
The Ilfracombe Journal
Notes on Form in Art

Harrison to Eliot, 19 July 1866
Eliot to Harrison, 4 August 1866
Eliot to Harrison, 15 August 1866
Harrison to Eliot, 25 May 1868
Harrison to Eliot, 11 November 1868
Eliot to Harrison, 15 January 1870

Brother in Opinion: Edgar Quinet and Jules Michelet
J.A. Froude’sThe Nemesis of Faith
R.W. Mackay’s The Progress of the Intellect
W.R. Greg’s The Creed of Christendom
Thomas Carlyle’s Life of John Sterling
Lord Brougham’s Literature
The Morality of Wilhelm Meister
Charles Kingsley’s Westward Ho!
Geraldine Jewsbury’s Constance Herbert
Saint-Marc Girardin’s Love in the Drama
Ashford Owen’s A Lost Love and C.W.S. Brooks’s Aspen Court
Margaret Fuller and Mary Wollstonecraft
Translations and Translators
Thomas Carlyle
Robert Browning’s Men and Women
Peter von Bohlen’s Introduction to the Book of Genesis
The Antigone and Its Moral
John Ruskin’s Modern Painters, Vol. III
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Dred, Charles Reade’s It is Never Too Late to Mend and Frederika Bremer’s Hertha
William Lecky’s The Influence of Rationalism

From Armgart
From The Spanish Gypsy
Brother and Sister Sonnets

Debasing the Moral Currency

David Friedrich Strauss’s The Life of Jesus
From ‘Introduction: Development of the Mythical Point of View in Relation to the Gospel Histories’
From ‘Concluding Dissertation: The Dogmatic Import of the Life of Jesus’

Ludwig Feuerbach’s The Essence of Christianity
The Mystery of the Cosmogonical Principle in God
From ‘The Mystery of Myticism, or of Nature in God’
From ‘The Distinction between Christianity and Heathenism’