The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

Edgar Allan Poe - Author

Richard Kopley - Editor/introduction

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ISBN 9780140437485 | 288 pages | 01 Jun 1999 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | 18 - AND UP
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"So tempting an opportunity of solving the great problem in regard to an Antarctic continent had never yet been afforded to man…"

A stowaway aboard the whaling ship Grampus, Arthur Gordon Pym finds himself bound on an extraordinary voyage to the high southern latitudes. Poe’s remarkable novel recounts the "incredible adventures and discoveries" of Pym and his companions. There is mutiny, appalling butchery, and the "exquisite horror" of cannibalism; premature burial within an impenetrable seaborne labyrinth; a corpse-ridden ghost ship, gigantic polar bears, and uncharted islands peopled by barbarian hordes.

It was Poe’s unique genius, however, that imbued this Gothic adventure tale with such allegorical richness that readers have been fascinated ever since. In his illuminating introduction and notes to this new edition of Poe’s masterpiece, Richard Kopley reveals hidden layers of meaning involving both Poe’s family and biblical prophecy.

"At last! A professionally edited and fully annotated version of Poe's only novel, along with an introduction that helps us to place it in its time and within Poe's career. This is the edition to buy." - Joel Myerson, Carolina Distinguished Professor of American Literature, South Carolina University

"A superb addition to the Poe library. Kopley provides an outstanding, student-friendly critical apparatus which both scholars and students will find highly useful." - Grace Farrell, Rebecca Clifton Reade Professor of English, Butler University

"Professor Kopley's introductory remarks provide coherence and insight for this new and valuable edition". - Joan Tyler Mead, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Marshall University

"Richard Kopley's introduction builds on his extensive, distinguished research on Pym, and it adds to it some intriguing new archival material. Students will find his essay and notes illuminating." - Scott Peeples, College of Charleston

"An admirable new edition of Poe's most intriguing narrative. Kopley has combined illuminating annotations with an authoritative text." - Terence Whalen, Illinois University

"This book is a veritable 'Pym-posium'. An excellent text and apparatus by the person best qualified to captain it. Seasoned readers and novices alike will benefit from Kopley's work." - Benjamin Franklin Fisher, Mississippi University