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Michel de Montaigne - Author

M. A. Screech - Translator

M. A. Screech - Introduction by

M. A. Screech - Notes by

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ISBN 9780140446029 | 480 pages | 03 May 1994 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | 18 - AND UP
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"Screech's translation brilliantly captures the directness, energy, and pithiness of Montaigne's writing."—The Christian Science Monitor.

Note on the Text
The Annotations
Note on the Translation
Explanation of the Symbols


To the Reader

Book I
1. We reach the same end by discrepant means
8. On idleness
16. On punishing cowardice
18. On fear
20. To philosophize is to learn how to die
26. On educating children
27. That it is madness to judge the true and false from our own capacities
31. On the Cannibals
32. Judgements on God's ordinances must be embarked upon with prudence
39. On solitude
56. On prayer
57. On the length of life

Book II
1. On the inconstancy of our actions
2. On drunkenness
5. On conscience
8. On the affection of fathers for their children
11. On cruelty
32. In defence of Seneca and Plutarch
35. On three good wives
37. On the resemblance of children to their fathers

Book III
2. On repenting
3. On three kinds of social intercourse
5. On some lines of Virgil
6. On coaches
11. On the lame
13. On experience

Summary of the Symbols
‘We know the form of his mind better than that of anyone who wrote before . . .’ - Michael Screech in his Introduction