Early Greek Philosophy

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Jonathan Barnes - Translator

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ISBN 9780140448153 | 336 pages | 26 Nov 2002 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | 18 - AND UP
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This anthology looks at the early sages of Western philosophy and science who paved the way for Plato and Aristotle and their successors. Democritus's atomic theory of matter, Zeno's dazzling "proofs" that motion is impossible, Pythagorean insights into mathematics, Heraclitus's haunting and enigmatic epigrams-all form part of a revolution in human thought that relied on reasoning, forged the first scientific vocabulary, and laid the foundations of Western philosophy. Jonathan Barnes has painstakingly brought together the surviving Presocratic fragments in their original contexts, utilizing the latest research and a major new papyrus of Empedocles.

Translated and edited by Jonathan Barnes.

Early Greek Philosophy Map
Preface to the Second Edition
Note to the Reader
Part I
1. Precursors
2. Thales
3. Anaximander
4. Anaximenes
5. Pythagoras
6. Alcmaeon
7. Xenophanes
8. Heraclitus

Part II
9. Parmenides
10. Melissus
11. Zeno

Part III
12. Empedocles
13. Fifth-century Pythagoreanism
14. Hippasus
15. Philolaus
16. Ion of Chios
17. Hippo
18. Anaxagoras
19. Archelaus
20. Leucippus
21. Democritus
22. Diogenes of Apollonia

Appendix: The Sources
Further Reading
Subject Index
Index of Quoted Texts
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