The Dhammapada

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ISBN 9780140449419 | 320 pages | 30 Nov 2010 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | 18 - AND UP
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A lucid translation of the seminal work of Buddhism.

One of the oldest and most revered texts in Buddhism, The Dhammapada was compiled in the third century BC, and is newly translated here. It forms part of the oldest surviving body of Buddhist writings, the canonical texts, regarded as part of the authentic teachings of the Buddha himself-spoken by him and memorized and compiled for oral transmission shortly after his death. The verses in The Dhammapada encompass the struggle toward Nirvana-the supreme goal for the Buddhist-and point out the narrow Path of Perfection that leads to it.

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1. Twins
2. Awareness
3. The Mind
4. Flowers
5. Fools
6. The Wise Man
7. The Arahat
8. Thousands
9. Evil
10. The Rod
11. Old Age
12. Self
13. The World
14. The Buddha
15. Happiness
16. The Dear
17. Anger
18. Rust
19. The Just
20. The Path
21. Miscellaneous
22. Hells
23. The Elephant
24. Craving
25. The Monk
26. The Brahmin

Appendix I: Extract from the Gândhârî Dharmapada
Appendix II: Extract from the Patna Dharmapada
Appendix III: Extract from the Mahâvastu
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