Capitate Your Kids

Capitate Your Kids

Give Your Kids a Financial Head Start

John E. Whitcomb - Author

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ISBN 9780142000922 | 240 pages | 25 Jun 2002 | Penguin | 5.11 x 7.75in | Adult
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Based on the "capitation" method used in the health-care field, Dr. John Whitcomb's six-step program begins by giving kids control of the money parents would normally spend on them. Families design and sign a contract detailing their mutual responsibilities, and parents agree not to interfere with their children's fiscal choices. Teenagers need to know about money management, yet these skills are not taught in schools, but through real life experience-and here is a proven method to put your kids' financial heads on!

Humorous and realistic, this step-by-step plan explains:
* How to calculate the first budget
* When to start teaching children about money
* How many times to expect a child to lose his ATM card in the first year (three)
* And other invaluable lessons

Capitate Your Kids Acknowledgments

Bob Potter

Historical Roots

A Fiscal Fable

Chapter One: What Ideas Are We Working With Here?

Chapter Two: What Is the Right Age to Start and with How Much?

Chapter Three: How Do you Calculate the First Budget

Chapter Four: The First Clothing Contract: Getting "The Card"

Chapter Five: My ATM Card is Broken

Chapter Six: Stepping Up to the Next Level: A Global Budget

Chapter Seven: Going to the Prom for a Buck

Chapter Eight: Lunch Money

Chapter Nine: Will You Cut My Hair, Dad?

Chapter Ten: the Real Cost of a Trip to Walgreens

Chapter Eleven: What Do I Need a Checkbook for?

Chapter Twelve: Is There Any Extra Work Around Here?

Chapter Thirteen: Be Kind

Chapter Fourteen: Charity, Savings, IRAs, and College

Chapter Fifteen: Insurance: Medical, Auto, Home, Life

Chapter Sixteen: You Gotta Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Chapter Seventeen: What's the Least I can Do to Get the Most Effect?

Lesson Plans Lesson Plan One: Creating a Clothing Budget
Grade Seven of Whenever You can Start

Lesson Plan Two: Using a Clothing Budget and Developing a Larger Budget
Grade Eight, Year Two

Lesson Plan Three: Using a Larger Budget with an ATM Card
Grade Nine, Year Three

Lesson Plan Four: Getting Ready for a Checkbook and a Car
Grade Ten, Year Four

Lesson Plan Five: Paying for Expenses with a Checkbook. Getting a Credit Card. Establishing the Expenses of Driving and Insurance.
Grade Eleven, Year Five

Lesson Plan Six: Learning the Details. Planning for the Future. Saving for College, Retirement, and IRAs. Health Insurance. Starting a Family.
Grade Twelve, Year Six

Basic Clothing Contract
Global budget Contract
Safe Driving Contract
Car Use Contract

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