The Complete Verse and Other Nonsense

The Complete Verse and Other Nonsense

Edward Lear - Author

Vivien Noakes - Editor/introduction

Vivien Noakes - Notes by

Vivien Noakes - Compiled by

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ISBN 9780142002278 | 624 pages | 29 Oct 2002 | Penguin | 5.59 x 8.34in | 18 - AND UP
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The absurd and whimsical verses of Edward Lear-such as "The Owl and the Pussy-cat," "The Jumblies," "The Scroobious Pip," and countless limericks-have enchanted generations of children and adults alike. This delightful volume, the most comprehensive collection ever of his work, presents all of Lear's verse and other nonsense writings, including stories, letters, and illustrated alphabets, as well as previously unpublished material, line drawings, and a fascinating introduction by scholar Vivien Noakes.


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’Edward Lear’ by W.H. Aude


Tables of Dates

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A Note on the Texts

The Complete Verse and Other Nonsense

Eclogue: Vide Collins ‘Hassan — or the Camel Driver’

To Miss Lear on her Birthday

The Shady Side of Sunnyside


Turkey Discipline

’When the light dies away on a calm summer’s eve’

’From the pale and the deep’

Peppering Roads

Miss Fraser’s Album

Ruins of the Temple of Jupiter Aegina, Greece

The Bride’s Farewell


Miss Maniac

’I slept, and back to my early days’


’I’ve just seen Mrs Hopkins — and read her the lines’

Ode to the little China Man

Peppering Bell

Letter to Harry Hinde


Letter to Fanny Jane Dolly Coombe

’Oh! Pan!’

Letter to George Coombe

The Nervous Family

The Nervous Family: Alternative version

’The gloom that winter casts’

’My dear Mrs Gale — from my leaving the cradle’

Portraites of the inditchenous beestes of New Olland

’My Sweet Home is no longer mine’

[Illustrations for ‘Kathleen O’Moore’]

Scene in the Campagna of Rome

[Lear’s adventures on horseback]

[Limericks for the 1846 and 1855 editions of A Book of Nonsense]

[Other early limericks]

The Hens of Oripò

’A was an Ant’

’Ribands and pigs’

Ye popular author & traveler in Albania & Calabrià, keeping his feete warme

[Lear at the Royal Academy Schools]

’There was an old person of Ramleh’

’O! Mimber for the County Louth’

’Washing my rose-coloured flesh and brushing my beard with a hairbrush’

From a letter to George Grove

’But ah! (the Landscape painter said,)’

[Additional limericks for the 1861 edition of A Book of Nonsense

’General appearance of a distinguished Landscapepainter’

Eggstracts from the Roehampton Chronicle

Letter to Ruth Decie

’There was an old person od Páxo’

’She sits upon her Bulbul’

’O Digby my dear’

’There was an old man with a Book’

Letters to Evelyn Baring

Letter to Nora Decie

[Lear’s adventures in Crete]

Letters to Anna Duncan and Lady Duncan

The History of the Seven Families of the Lake Pipple-Popple

The Duck and the Kangaroo

’Gozo my child is the isle of Calypso’

Stratford Place Gazette

[Three miscellaneous limericks]

The Adventures of Mr Lear & the Polly [& the] Pusseybite on their way to the Rirertitle Mountains

’O Thuthan Thmith! Thweet Thuthan Thmith!’

The Story of the Four Little Children Who Went Round the World

Growling Eclogue

The Owl and the Pussy-cat

[Mrs Blue Dickey-bird]

’Some people their attention Fixes’

The Broom, the Shovel, the Poker and the Tongs

’There was an old man who said — “Hum!’

Calico Pie

The Daddy Long-legs and the Fly

[Nonsense Cookery]

[Nonsense Botany — I]

The Jumblies

’The Absolutely Abstemious Ass’

’The Uncareful Cow, who walked about’

[Creatures playing chequers]

The Nutcrackers and the Sugar-tongs

Mr and Mrs Spikky Sparrow

The Table and the Chair

’A was once an apple-pie’

’A was an Area Arch’

[Mr Lear receives a letter from Marianne North]

Mr and Mrs Discobbolos

The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bò

[Limericks published in More Nonsense]

[Nonsense Botany — 2]

’Cold are the crabs that crawl on yonder hill’

The Scroobious Pip

The Quangle Wangle’s Hat

[Receipt for George Scrivens, Esq.]

’Papa once went to Greece’

The Story of the Pobble, who has no toes, and the Princess Bink

The Pobble who has no toes

The Akond of Swat

’The Attalik Ghazee

[Indian limericks]

’O! Chichester, my Carlingford!’

The Cummerbund

Letter to Lady Wyatt

Poona Observer

The New Vestments

The Pelican Chorus

The Two Old Bachelors

[Nonsense Botany — 3]

’A tumbled down, and hurt his Arm’

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

’Finale Marina! If ever you’d seen her!’

In medio Tutorissimus ibis

’O dear! how disgusting is life!’

’How pleasant to know Mr Lear!’

Mr and Mrs Discobbolos: Second Part

’O Brother Chicken! Sister Chick!’

Dear Sir, Though many checks prevent’

Remminissenciz of Orgust 14 Aitnundrednaity

’I am awfull aged in apierance lately’

’There was an old man with a ribbon’

Letter to Mrs Stuart Wortley [The Moon Journey]

[Chichester Fortescue is appointed Lord Privy Seal

[Nonsense Trees]

’The Octopods and Reptiles’

[The Heraldic Blazons of Foss the Cat]

’Mrs Jaypher found a wafer’

From a letter to the Hon. Mrs Augusta Parker

[The Later History of the Owl and the Pussy-cat

’When “grand old men” persist in folly’

’He lived at Dingle Bank — he did’

And this is certain; if so be’

Eggstrax from the Maloja Gazette

’When leaving the beautiful blessed Briánza’

Some Incidents in the Life of my Uncle Arly

’He only said, “I’m very weary’

’I must stop now’

’I think human nature is pretty much the same all along’


Examples of Lear’s Nonsense Similes

Work Erroneously Attributed to Lear


Index of Titles

Index of First Lines

Subject Index

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