Civil War

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ISBN 9780143106234 | 544 pages | 31 Jan 2012 | Penguin Classics | 5.07 x 7.79in | 18 - AND UP
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A magnificent new translation of the enduring epic about the sundering of the Roman Republic.

Lucan lived from 39-65 AD at a time of great turbulence in Rome. His Civil War portrays two of the most colorful and powerful figures of the age-Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, enemies in a vicious struggle for power that severed bloodlines and began the transformation of Roman civilization. With Right locked in combat with Might, law and order broke down and the anarchic violence that resulted left its mark on the Roman people forever, paving the way for the imperial monarchy. Accessible and modern yet loyal to the rhetorical brilliance of the original, this will be the definitive Civil War of our times.

"I think it is a fantastic translation---really a scholarly commentary and literary interpretation as much as a translation. I shall be very lucky to consult it in future classes and for my research! Thanks again for sending it. The authors have definitely done a remarkable job and it will surely become the standard translation of this difficult poem."
-Leah Kronenberg, Rutgers University

"I do congratulate Penguin on giving the translators space to introduce the poet and his place in Latin literary history, and provide a level of annotation that makes this edition an asset to any serious reader: the translation is easy to follow and greatly helps to appreciate Lucan's learned and idiosyncratic pageant of civil conflict."
-Elaine Fantham, University of Toronto

"I was deeply impressed. It is not just another translation: it has a special intensity and vibe, and I am recommending it to whoever teaches Lucan and also to people interested in contemporary translations of poetry. The quality of the footnotes and summaries is also noteworthy."
-Professor Alessandro Barchiesi of Stanford University and the University of Siena

"I teach this poem as part of an MA seminar course on the epic tradition, and I was most impressed at its suitability for students. The translation is fluent and readable, yet still manages to convey something of the violent and jagged nature of Lucan's epic style. The excerpt from Petronius included as an appendix will be especially valuable in situating the poet in his literary context. I look forward to assigning this translation as a core text for many years to come."
-Dr. Martin Brady at University College Dublin, School of Classics

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