James and the Giant Peach

(Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

Penguin Classics Graphic Deluxe Editions

Roald Dahl - Author

Aimee Bender - Introduction by

Jordan Crane - Jacket Illustrator

Nancy Ekholm Burkert - Illustrator

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ISBN 9780143106340 | 160 pages | 30 Aug 2011 | Penguin Classics | 0.39 x 0.70in | 18 - AND UP
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Roald Dahl's perennial bestseller about a boy's magical journey across the sea, James and the Giant Peach, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2011. When James, a boy stuck living with his cantankerous aunts, is given magic crystals by a sympathetic wizard, he accidentally drops them at the foot of the peach tree outside his house, causing one of the fruits to grow the size of a house. Inside he finds oversized insects who promise him deliverance from his aunts, and soon the giant peach is rolling downhill, bound for the Atlantic Ocean and beyond on a magnificent adventure that will take James and his new friends far indeed.