Head and Heart

A History of Christianity in America

Garry Wills - Author

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ISBN 9780143114079 | 640 pages | 30 Sep 2008 | Penguin | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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Gary Wills has won significant acclaim for his bestselling works of religion and history. Here, for the first time, he combines both disciplines in a sweeping examination of Christianity in America throughout the last 400 years. Wills argues that the struggle now—as throughout our nation’s history—is between the head and the heart, reason and emotion, enlightenment and Evangelism. A landmark volume for anyone interested in either politics or religion, Head and Heart concludes that, while religion is a fertile and enduring force in American politics, the tension between the two is necessary, inevitable, and unending.

Head and Heart Key to Brief Citations


I. Puritans
1. Mary Dyer Must Die
2. The Puritan Psyche
3. The Puritan Conscience
4. The Puritan Intellect

II. Preludes to Enlightenment
5. Precursors: Samuel Sewall, Roger Williams
6. Spurt to Enlightenment: The Great Awakening


III. Unitarians
7. Against the Awakening
8. Quakers
9. Deists

IV. Disestablishment
10. Beyond Tolerance
11. Jefferson's Statute
12. Madison's Remonstrance
13. First Amendment
15. Madisonian Separation


V. Transcendentalism
15. Schism in New England
16. Emersonians

VI. Religion of the Heart
17. The Second Great Awakening
18. Schisms over Slavery
19. God of Battles
20. Religion in the Gilded Age


VII. Doomsday or Progress?
21. Second-Coming Theology
22. Second-Coming Politics
23. The Social Gospel

VIII. Reversals
24. Evangelicals Riding High
25. Evangelicals Brought Low
26. Religion in a Radical Time

IX. Euphoria
27. The Great Religious Truce
28. The Rights Revolution
29. Evangelicals Counterattack

X. The Karl Rove Era
30. Faith-Based Government
31. Ecunemical Karl
32. Life After Rove

Epilogue: Separation Not Suppression
Appendix I: Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
Appendix II: Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments
“ A major contribution to the national debate over separation of church and state.”
Los Angeles Times

“ Challenge[s] the conventional wisdom on many issues while synthesizing much of the finest recent scholarship.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Essential reading.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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