QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life

John G. Miller - Author

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ISBN 9780399152337 | 160 pages | 09 Sep 2004 | Putnam Adult | 5.62 x 8.58in | 18 - AND UP
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Now, more than ever, the absence of personal accountability in our culture is a problem that has led to a proliferation of shunning responsibility, blaming others, and playing the victim. In times of political and social upheaval around the world, it appears that few are immune, as they look to explain-and complain-about the state of our affairs. This remarkable and timeless book gives a practical and inspiring message for putting personal accountability into daily action, with astonishing results.

Introduction: What Ever Happened to...

1. A Picture of Personal Accountability
2. Making Better Choices
3. QBQ! The Question Behind the Question
4. Don't Ask "Why?"
5. The Victim
6. "Why Is This Happening to Me?"
7. "Why Do We Have to Go Through All This Change?"
8. "Why Don't They Communicate Better?"
9. Don't Ask "When?"
10. Procrastination: The Friend of Failure
11. "When Will We Get More Tools and Better Systems?"
12. "When Are We Going to Hear Something New?"
13. Don't Ask "Who?"
14. A Poor Sailor Blames the Wind
15. Silos
16. Beat the Ref
17. "Who Dropped the Ball?"
18. Ownership
19. The Foundation of Teamwork
20. Making Accountability Personal: All QBQs Contain an "I"
21. I Can Only Change Me
22. "He Didn't, I Did"
23. "When Will Others Walk Their Talk?"
24. An Integrity Test
25. The Power of One
26. A QBQ Twist
27. Will the Real Role Models Please Stand Up!
28. Practicing Personal Accountability: All QBQs Focus on Action
29. The Risk of Doing Nothing
30. "Thanks for Shopping at the Home Depot!"
31. Leaders at All Levels
32. The Cornerstone of Leadership
33. Accountability and Boundaries
34. A Great List of Lousy Questions
35. The Spirit of the QBQ
36. Wisdom
37. We Buy Too Many Books
38. A Final Picture
39. The Motor of Learning

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