Shoot Out

Shoot Out

Surviving Fame and (Mis)Fortune in Hollywood

Peter Bart - Author

peter guber - Author

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ISBN 9780399528880 | 288 pages | 03 Jun 2003 | Perigee | 6.02 x 8.93in | Adult
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Hollywood calls it the "shoot out"... the point during the making of a movie when star-fits and power struggles turn into standoffs, walk-outs, and clashing egos. How a film ever gets made is a wonder. Leave it to two industry icons to unreel the true story...

Shoot Out Roll Credits

1. Eye of the Storm

2. The Holy Grail

3. The Mapmakers

4. The Alchemists

5. The Illuminati

6. The Zookeepers

7. The Golden Rule

8. The Crucible

9. The Dream Merchants


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