Screenwriting is Storytelling

Creating an A-List Screenplay that Sells!

Kate Wright - Author

Arthur Hiller - Foreword by

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ISBN 9780399530241 | 288 pages | 05 Oct 2004 | Perigee | 6.02 x 8.97in | 18 - AND UP
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While most screenwriting books focus on format and structure, Kate Wright explains how to put story at the center of a screenplay. A compelling story, complete with intriguing characters and situations created with these screenwriting tricks of the trade can become a box office blockbuster film.

Screenwriters will learn:

- Developing themes within the plot
- Using structure to define the story
- Creating memorable characters
- Establishing moral dilemmas and conflicts
- Achieving classic elements of storytelling in a three-act dramatic structure
- Mastering different genres

Screenwriting is Storytelling Foreword by Arthur Hiller

Introduction: "Screenwriters must become storytellers."

Part One
Screenthinking: "What is my story about?"

Chapter 1: Screenwriting is Storytelling
Chapter 2: Movies are Entertainment
Chapter 3: The Big Idea
Chapter 4: The Four "Story" Questions
Chapter 5: Form: 3-Act Paradigms
Chapter 6: Spine: The Process
Chapter 7: Integrating Form and Spine
Chapter 8: Critical Thinking and Creative Tools

Part Two
Screenplanning: "How does my story make the audience feel?"

Chapter 9: Genre
Chapter 10: Plot vs. Story
Chapter 11: Creating the Main Character
Chapter 12: Creating the Antagonist
Chapter 13: Supporting Characters Who Tell the Story
Chapter 14: Creating Dramatic Conflict
Chapter 15: Moral Dilemma and the Moral of the Story
Chapter 16: Following the Emotional Story

Part Three
Screenwriting: "This is what my story is about."
Chapter 17: The One-Page Summary
Chapter 18: The Step Outline
Chapter 19: Creating the Scene
Chapter 20: Originality
Chapter 21: Where Good Scripts Go Wrong

Part Four
Rewriting and Script Doctoring: "What is my story really about?"

Chapter 22: Writing Is Rewriting

Part Five
Breaking In and Staying There

Chapter 23: Breaking In
Chapter 24: Second Careers and Reinventing Yourself

Postscript: "Becoming a Storyteller"

A. Entertainment Industry Organizations
B. Screenwriting Competitions
C. Popular Internet Websites for Screenwriters
D. "Standout U.S. Format" and Elements of Screenwriting



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