Atlantis Unmasked

Alyssa Day - Author

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ISBN 9780425223222 | 320 pages | 07 Jul 2009 | Berkley | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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Immortals: Three. Vampires: Zero.

Alyssa Day's Warriors of Poseidon series: A KNOCKOUT.

Poseidon's warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who stalked the night. Yet when a woman with an ancient Gift dares to claim the heart of one of Poseidon's fiercest warriors, the world teeters on the knife's edge between desire and darkness.



"Alyssa Day's Warriors of Poseidon series is fascinating, thrilling and deeply romantic. The perfect blend of fabulous world building and sexy romantic-adventure."

"Alyssa Day creates an amazing and astonishing world."

"Breathtaking paranormal romance."

Dear Readers:

Chambers of commerce across the country hate me.

I have the uncanny ability to take a perfectly breathtaking historical site, such as the Fort Castillo de San Marcos in the city of St. Augustine, Florida, and shamelessly use it for my own ends. Turning it into a rebel training base, for example, that shape-shifting panthers might attack one dark night. . .

Atlantean warrior Alexios has found very little in the centuries of his existence that throws him off balance, but his reaction to a human female, a rebel sworn to her own personal vengeance, is enough to send him fleeing to Atlantis. But High Prince Conlan assigns Alexios to the training base in St. Augustine, to assist that very woman and, while he's there, to discover what he can about one of the lost gems of Poseidon's Trident.

Grace Havilland lost her brother to vampires, and she has dedicated every minute of her life since then to vengeance and justice. She doesn't have time for the emotional whirlwind that threatens to consume her whenever Alexios so much as glances her way. As a descendant of the goddess Diana, Grace's bow's aim is unerring and always completely under her control. But how long will she be able to control the yearnings in her body, heart and soul?

I had a wonderful time with this book. Grace is my first warrior heroine and she was a true pleasure to write, although the pain she carries so deep inside brought me to tears sometimes. I hope you have as much fun with the tempestuous relationship between Grace and Alexios as I did writing it! And please visit me at for excerpts, information about appearances, and more!


Alyssa, who may be visiting a historical site near you any day now —Beware!

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