Age of Conan: The Eye of Charon

Age of Conan: The Eye of Charon

Age of Conan

Richard A. Knaak - Author

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ISBN 9780441014453 | 288 pages | 26 Sep 2006 | Ace | 6.49 x 4.29in | 18 - AND UP
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In the realm of Aquilonia, in the time when Conan was King, an idealistic nobleman seeks his destiny within the ranks of the greatest warriors in the land...

Now a leading knight of the Black Dragons, the noble Nermesa encounters danger and deception on his first important mission-and uncovers a plot to bring King Conan to his knees.

Fall into darkness

 Nermesa chopped apart his inhuman adversaries without pause. Much to his distress, though, his arm grew heavy, his legs weary. Yet, there was still no end in sight to the demon’s woodland horde.
 He struggled up a ridge, the upward path slowing his pace, enabling the monstrous imps to gain on him. Several grabbed hold of his legs, his torso, and wrapped around his helmet, obscuring his vision. Unable to see exactly where he was going, Nermesa waved his weapon about wildly.
 Then, his left foot touched not earth but air. He toppled forward, still in the clutches of his inhuman adversaries. Nermesa frantically swung the sword, determined to fight until the end.
 His helmet slipped from his head. A moment later, Nermesa’s skull impacted against something harder than it...

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