Robot Visions

Isaac Asimov - Author

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ISBN 9780451450647 | 496 pages | 05 Mar 1991 | Roc | 4.29 x 6.77in | 18 - AND UP
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From the writer whose name is synonymous with the science of robotics comes five decades of robot visions-36 landmark stories and essays, plus three rare tales-gathered together in one volume

Introduction: The Robot Chronicles


Robot Visions

Too Bad!






Little Lost Robot

The Evitable Conflict

Feminine Intuition

The Bicentennial Man




Mirror Image


Galley Slave

Christmas Without Rodney


Robots I Have Known

The New Teachers

Whatever You Wish

The Friends We Make

Our Intelligent Tools

The Laws of Robotics

Future Fantastic

The Machine and the Robot

The New Profession

The Robot as Enemy?

Intelligences Together

My Robots

The Laws of Humanics

Cybernetic Organism

The Sense of Humor

Robots in Combination

"This collection offers 18 stories about robots as well as brief essays in which Asimov comments on robots in fiction, the Frankenstein complex, his famous Three Laws and the development of actual robots. ``The earliest tales here, written from 1940 to 1960, remain among the most-loved in the field," —Publishers Weekly

"Classic stories with new material, both fiction and fact, that puts the whole theme together in a larger context." —Poul Andersen