The Upanishads

Breath from the Eternal

Anonymous - Author

Swami Prabhavanada - Translator

Frederick Manchester - Translator

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ISBN 9780451528483 | 160 pages | 01 Aug 2002 | Signet Classic | 4.29 x 6.88in | 18 - AND UP
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The Wisdom of the Hindu Mystics

The principal texts selected and translated from the original Sanskrit, Upanishad means "sitting near devotedly", which conjures images of the contemplating student listening with rapt attention to the teachings of a spiritual master. These are widely considered to be philosophical and spiritual meditations of the highest order.

The Upanishads Preface

I. Katha
II. Isha
III. Kena
IV. Prasna
V. Mundaka
VI. Mandukya
VII. Taittiriya (Selected Portions)
VIII. Aitareya
IX. Chandogya (Selected Portions)
X. Brihadaranyaka (Selected Portions)
XI. Kaivalya
XII. Svetasvatara