The Imp of the Mind

Exploring the Silent Epidemic of Obsessive Bad Thoughts

Lee Baer - Author

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ISBN 9780452283077 | 176 pages | 26 Feb 2002 | Plume | 5.35 x 7.99in | 18 - AND UP
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In The Imp of the Mind, a leading expert on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder explores the hidden epidemic that afflicts millions of Americans.

In the first book to fully examine obsessive bad thoughts, Dr. Lee Baer combines the latest research with his own extensive experience in treating this widespread syndrome. Drawing on information ranging from new advances in brain technology to pervasive social taboos, Dr. Baer explores the root causes of bad thoughts, why they can spiral out of control, and how to recognize the crucial difference between harmless and dangerous bad thoughts.

An illuminating and accessible guide to the kinds of thoughts that create extreme fear, guilt, and worry, The Imp of the Mind provides concrete solutions to a tormenting and debilitating disorder. Including special sections on the prescription medications that have proven effective, it is "a beautifully written book that can be a great help to people who want to know what to do about obsessions" (Isaac Marks, M.D., author of Living with Fear: Understanding and Coping with Anxiety).

The Imp of the Mind<title> Preface<br> <p> <b>Part One: The Problem of Bad Thoughts</b><br> 1. The Imp of the Perverse<br> 2. Thoughts of Harming Children<br> 3. How Can I Be Certain They're Just Thoughts?<br> 4. What Causes Bad Thoughts?<br> <p> <b>Part Two: Treatment of Bad Thoughts</b><br> 5. Facing Your Fears Head-on: Exposure Therapy<br> 6. Questioning Your Bad Thoughts: Cognitive Therapy<br> 7. Blasphemous Bad Thoughts<br> 8. Medications for Bad Thoughts<br> 9. 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