Becoming Who I Was Always Meant to Be

Chaz Bono - Author

Billie Fitzpatrick - Author

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ISBN 9780452298002 | 272 pages | 29 May 2012 | Plume | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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The New York Times bestseller that asks: What happens on the journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance?

Imagine knowing, for decades, that the person you are and the body you inhabit don’t match up. Imagine pushing that feeling down so deep that you convince yourself, for years, that it doesn’t even exist. Imagine the havoc wreaked by such a secret.

Now, imagine living this life under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Chaz Bono has lived this life. We first met him as Chastity, the darling girl on stage with her parents, Sonny and Cher. Then, we knew her as an out lesbian and gay activist. Through all of this, Chaz was plagued by a nagging feeling that he wasn’t living the life meant for him. It wasn’t until he admitted, first to himself, then to his family, and finally to the world, that he was a transgender man, that Chaz Bono fully embraced his true self. In Transition, Chaz shares his deeply moving and ultimately triumphant account of the physical and emotional process that brought him to a place of peace, and finally happiness. With a message to anyone who has ever felt that they couldn’t be who they really are, Transition is as inspirational as it is intimate.

I experienced another incredible moment of clarity about myself. I understood for the first time that I couldn't focus on how others were going to react if I transitioned. I could not possibly control their reactions, their feelings, or their behaviors toward me. I had been so consumed with not upsetting anyone, but I could not continue deferring my own needs. Now I accepted that these people were all adults. It wasn't my job to make them okay; they had to make themselves okay with me. Which meant that the only person really in my way was myself.

“A universal story, one to which all readers can relate: the individual’s search for self.” — New York Journal of Books

Transition is not only about the journey from female to male; more importantly, it’s about the journey from fear to courage. Chaz Bono is my new hero.” — Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of She’s Not There

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