A Good Year for Revolution

Kevin Phillips - Author

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ISBN 9780670025121 | 656 pages | 27 Nov 2012 | Viking Adult | 9.25 x 6.25in
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The contrarian historian and analyst upends the conventional reading of the American Revolution

In 1775, iconoclastic historian and bestselling author Kevin Phillips punctures the myth that 1776 was the watershed year of the American Revolution. He suggests that the great events and confrontations of 1775—Congress’s belligerent economic ultimatums to Britain, New England’s rage militaire, the exodus of British troops and expulsion of royal governors up and down the seaboard, and the new provincial congresses and hundreds of local  committees that quickly reconstituted local authority in Patriot hands­—achieved a  sweeping Patriot control of territory and local government that Britain was never able to overcome.  These each added to the Revolution’s essential momentum so when the British finally attacked in great strength the following year, they could not regain the control they had lost in 1775.

Analyzing the political climate, economic structures, and military preparations, as well as the roles of ethnicity, religion, and class, Phillips tackles the eighteenth century with the same skill and insights he has shown in analyzing contemporary politics and economics.  The result is a dramatic narrative brimming with original insights. 1775 revolutionizes our understanding of America’s origins.

Preface: Why 1775

List of Maps


Chapter 1. The Spirit of 1775


Chapter 2. Liberty's Vanguard

Chapter 3. Religion, Ethnicity, and Revolutionary Loyalty

Chapter 4. A Revolution for Economic Self-Determination

Chapter 5. Urban Radicalism and the Tide of Revolution

Chapter 6. Challenge from the Backcountry

Chapter 7. The Ideologies of Revolution


Chapter 8. Fortress New England?

Chapter 9. Declaring Economic War

Chapter 10. Five Roads to Canada

Chapter 11. The Global Munitions Struggle, 1774-1776

Chapter 12. The Supply War at Sea

Chapter 13. The First British Southern Strategy, 1775-1776

Chapter 14. Is Falmouth Burning?

Chapter 15. Red, White, and Black

Chapter 16. Divided National Opinion and Britain's Need to Hire Mercenaries

Chapter 17. The Chesapeake—America's Vulnerable Estuary

Chapter 18. The American Revolution as Civil War

Chapter 19. The Declaration of Independence—a Stitch in Time?


Chapter 20. The Battle of Boston: A Great American Victory

Chapter 21. Canada: Defeat or Victory?

Chapter 22. Lord Dunmore's Second War

Chapter 23. Whaleboats, Row Galleys, Schooners, and Submarines: The Small-Ship Origins of the U.S. Navy

Chapter 24. Europe, the Bourbon Compact, and the American Revolution

Chapter 25. The Southern Expedition of 1775 and the Limitations of British Power

Chapter 26. 1775: A Good Year for Revolution





"Enthralling."--Publishers Weekly (starred, boxed review)

"Impressively authoritative...[A] deeply researched, meticulously argued, multidimensional history."--Kirkus (starred review)

"A solid, well-argued, and informative re-examination of our beginnings as a nation-state."--Booklist

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