Rage Is Back

A Novel

Adam Mansbach - Author

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ISBN 9780670026128 | 304 pages | 10 Jan 2013 | Viking Adult | 9.25 x 6.25in | 18 - AND UP
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Welcome to the Great American Graffiti Novel

Number one New York Times bestselling author Adam Mansbach returns with a blockbuster tale of revenge, redemption, and the world’s most beautiful crime. Dondi Vance is the son of two famous graffiti artists from New York City’s “golden era” of subway bombing. Recently kicked out of his prestigious prep school for selling weed—and his mother’s Brooklyn apartment for losing his scholarship— he’s couch-surfing his way through life, compulsively immune to rumors that his long-lost father, Billy Rage, has returned after sixteen years on the lam.
But Dondi’s old man really is back—what’s left of him, that is. A wizened shell of his former self, Billy is still reeling from a psychic attack by an angry sha-man in the Amazon basin when Dondi finds him at the top of a pseudo-magical staircase in DUMBO. The uneasy reunion comes just in time: Anastacio Bracken, the transit cop who ruined Billy’s life and shattered his crew back in 1987, is running for mayor. Only by rallying the forgotten writers of the eighties for an epic, game-changing mission can Billy and Dondi bring Bracken down.
In this mind-bending journey through a subterranean world of epic heroes, villains, and eccentrics, Adam Mansbach balances an intricately plot­ted, high-stakes caper with a wildly inventive tale of time travel and shamanism, prodigal fathers and sons, and the hilariously intertwined realms of art, crime, and spirituality. Moving throughout New York City’s unseen com­munities, from the tunnel camps of the Mole People to the drug dens of Crown Heights, Rage Is Back is a kaleidoscopic tour de force from a writer at the top of his game.

“A muscular ode to New York City’s 1980s art underground . . . Combines a poet's touch with the wild sparks of a subway train speeding through a graffiti-splashed tunnel.”
—Elle Magazine


“Hits the ground running and never stops . . . Mansbach’s sharp and edgy style carries this fresh story in and out of subway tunnels and through the grimiest neighborhoods of New York, bringing the New York of now and then together in full relief.”
— Heather Paulson, Booklist


“Thrilling . . . Electric with rhythm . . . The book is peppered with grandfatherly revolutionaries, slang-slinging young bloods and an army of paint-wielding ninjas who unite with military precision on an ambitious plan to graffiti-bomb every single train car on the MTA.”
Kirkus Reviews


 “Slick, outlandish . . . Mansbach’s novel is a fun and exciting read.”
Publishers Weekly


“Carlos Castaneda meets underground New York with a subway tunnel sensibility . . . Sure to be a cult classic and cause a stir.”
Library Journal


Rage Is Back is a gutsy act of cultural nostalgia, full of longing for a vanished New York, a chaotic, colorful city full of graffiti and guerilla art. Adam Mansbach is a fearless, funny, and thoroughly engaging writer.”
Tom Perrotta, author of Little Children and The Leftovers

“Adam Mansbach's new novel is a trip! A trip through dimensions, drugs, and even an ingenious time machine. Rage Is Back is hilarious and insightful, tender and surprising, but best of all it's a tribute to the old heads, the bombers and taggers and the glory of writing in all its forms.”
Victor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver and Big Machine


“Adam Mansbach’s Rage Is Back is a profound reminder of why fiction matters. A riotous and propulsive read, this darkly poetic novel took me places I could never get to with my own two feet, and introduced me to souls living colorfully outside the mainstream. Behind its street boy pose is an ambitious novel about family, friendship and the ties that bind. Mansbach makes it look easy.”
Attica Locke, author of Blackwater Rising and The Cutting Season

“An ambitious and immersive look into the New York graffiti scene. A finely detailed, richly colored work drawn with an artful hand.”
Chuck Hogan, author of The Town

“Adam Mansbach’s Rage Is Back is a great, raucous ride—a lament for the hypocrisy of the present, as well as an ode to a lost NYC of the Eighties, where street art and cultural chaos were in constant struggle against greed and corruption. The voice of the narrator—melancholy and hilarious, acerbic and wise—leaps out from page one, grabs you and doesn’t let go.”
—Danzy Senna, author of Caucasia

“Adam has given us a lush tale of time travel, mysticism, justice, the adventures of a boy and his dad—woven into the fabric of a bygone era in NYC.  Rage Is Back is fresh, compelling and nostalgic all at once—a must for lovers of graf culture and those of us who lived it. A great read.”
—Pharoahe Monch

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