Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen

100 of My Favorite Easy Recipes

Michael Smith - Author

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ISBN 9780670066919 | 288 pages | 30 Oct 2012 | Pintail | 8.50 x 11.02in | 18 - AND UP
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Chef Michael Smith is passionate about cooking and sharing great food and flavors. Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen is a collection of Chef Michael’s all-time favorite recipes that he cooks regularly in his own home kitchen, using lots of wonderful, memorable flavors to be enjoyed with family and friends.  
Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen features over 100 fabulous, easy-to-make recipes, each with a mouth-watering photo, celebrating easy and delectable meals, and embracing a relaxed approach in the kitchen. Packed with helpful tips and suggestions, aspiring and experienced home cooks alike will have the freedom to play and experiment, guided by Chef Michael Smith’s expertise. Readers will learn to expand their culinary repertoire and create flavorful food for family and friends with accessible recipes that are perfect for both everyday meals and special-occasion dinners.

 "Kitchen tips are embedded in every one of the 100 recipes, which are accompanied by high quality color photographs of the final dishes. It’ll be difficult to decide what to cook and serve...Throughout the collection, Smith emphasizes fresh ingredients and less-involved techniques, plus a flavor-centric approach to ensure the best results."

“Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen is a great addition to any cookbook collection, especially right now, because it’s heavy on the warm and healthy comfort food that won’t take you all day to make."
-- The National Post

“The most notable thing about this book is the discovery that Smith Force can inhabit both paper as well as your TV… What I’m talking about, of course, is that tranquil timbre with which he narrates his cooking, the calm, towering presence, the ease with which he culls up a lovin’ dish and those smiling eyes that look at you straight through the screen and say, hey friend, you certainly can do this!  Well, I’m excited to report that The Best of Chef at Home is full of Smith Force.”
-- Food Network

“Michael Smith’s relaxed approach to cooking has made him a Food Network favorite…”
-- The Globe and Mail

“Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen promises to deliver the same welcoming approach to a great meal without much fuss. The selection of recipes includes his favorites, ones that he cooks regularly at home. The best part of the cookbook might be that each recipe has a drool-inducing photo to help visualize the end result.”
--Vines Magazine

“Extolling the virtues of simple, clean food, Smith presents recipes versatile and interesting enough to be considered weekday night fare as well as entertaining friends and family."
-- The Cookbook Store

“I started out appreciating Michael Smith, however after going through this cookbook and trying several of the recipes, I am definitely now a full-fledged fan of Michael Smith…I now regularly reference this book when I’m planning out our family’s meals…If you are looking for a great overall cookbook that covers all facets of the meal, then this is the book for you. It’s easy to follow and helps you feel confident in the kitchen.”

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