Trust Us, We're Experts PA

Trust Us, We're Experts PA

How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future

Sheldon Rampton - Author

John Stauber - Author

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ISBN 9781101144060 | 368 pages | 14 Jan 2002 | Tarcher | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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Summary of Trust Us, We're Experts PA Summary of Trust Us, We're Experts PA Reviews for Trust Us, We're Experts PA An Excerpt from Trust Us, We're Experts PA
The book that unmasks the sneaky and widespread methods industry uses to influence opinion through bogus experts, doctored data, and manufactured facts.

"Finally a long-overdue exposé of the shenanigans and subterfuge that lie behind the making of experts in America." (Jeremy Rifkin)

"If you want to know how the world wags, and who's wagging it, here's your answer." (Bill Moyers)

"Meticulously researched . . . Rampton and Stauber's documentation of PR campaigns proves that they are the real 'experts.' " (Brill's Content) AUTHOBIO: John Stauber is the founder and director of the Center for Media & Democracy. He and Sheldon Rampton write and edit the quarterly PR Watch: Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry.

Spin 101

"The industry must be like the psychiatrist: rationally figuring out how it can help the public put things in perspective, but knowing that dialogue can only begin with the trust on the public's side that says these people are taking my concerns seriously." (Quote from public relations executive James Lindheim in a speech to the British Society of Chemical Industry, pg. 8)

"Put your words in someone else's mouth." (Quote from public relations executive Merrill Rose, pg. 22)

"The best PR ends up looking like news. You never know when a PR agency is being effective; you'll just find your views slowly shifting." (Quote from a public relations executive, pg. 23)

"Just as the invention of language made lying possible, the invention of mass media created newer, more sophisticated, subtle and elaborate techniques of propaganda." (pg. 24)

"Leaders offer the propagandist a means of reaching vast numbers of individuals, for with so many confusing and conflicting ideas competing for the individual's attention, he is forced to look to others for authority." (Quote from "father of public relations" Edward Bernays, pg. 23)

"Spin cannot be a demonstrable lie." (pg. 72)

"Never lie to a reporter." (pg. 72)

"Marketing is a battle of perception, not products. Truth has no bearing on the issue." (Quote by advertising executive Jack Trout, pg. 72)

"The minute you begin to view the public as something that doesn't operate rationally, your job as a publicist or journalist changes. The pivotal moment was when those who provided the public with its intelligence no longer believed the public had any intelligence." (Quote by public relations historian Stuart Ewen, pg. 72)

"A public relations expert needs to speak sweetly and carry a big stick." (pg. 81)

Trust Us, We're Experts! Preface: The Smell Test Part I: The Age of Illusion
1. The Third Man
2. The Birth of Spin
3. Deciding What You'll Swallow

Part II: Risky Business
4. Dying for a Living
5. Packaging the Beast
6. Preventing Precaution
7. Attack of the Killer Potatoes

Part III: The Expertise Industry
8. The Best Science Money Can Buy
9. The Junkyard Dogs
10. Global Warming Is Good For You
11. Questioning Authority

Appendix: Recommended Resources

"If you want to know how the world wags, and who’s wagging it, here’s your answer. Read, get mad, roll up your sleeves, and fight back. Rampton and Stauber have issued a wake-up call we can’t ignore." —Bill Moyers

"If you've ever wanted to see a TV spin doctor hog-tied and dragged through the streets, Rampton and Stauber do the next best thing. This book is modern muckraking of the best variety, skewering hype and showing us how to separate real experts from snake oil salesmen and hired corporate know-it-alls."  —Jim Hightower

"Trust Us, We’re Experts is a brilliant piece of investigative journalism and a powerful vaccine against the stupefying effects of the corporate PR machine. Spread it around!" —Barbara Ehrenreich

"Rampton and Stauber have once again exposed the ugly underbelly of corporate America's psychological war on our citizens. Trust Us, We're Experts! shows how giant corporations employ sophisticated psychiatric techniques, unscrupulous public figures, paid biostitutes, junk science, tainted studies and clever PR mercenaries in a relentless effort to market products that routinely kill, maim, deform and poison consumers and our environment." —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President, Water Keeper Alliance

"Finally a long-overdue expose of the shenanigans and subterfuge that lie behind the making of experts in America. Rampton and Stauber take us behind the scenes, inside corporate boardrooms, where marketing chiefs literally manufacture their own ‘independent experts’ to defend their products and practices. This groundbreaking book gives us a first look into the seamy side of corporate public relations, where academic experts of every stripe and kind are bought in various ways. An eye-opener." —Jeremy Rifkin

"This is a great book, and I think you should buy it. But since the point of the book is to get you to think for yourself and not trust experts, perhaps you should thumb through it yourself for a little while. I think of it as a field guide to the kinds of lies you can expect from the information age." —Bill McKibben

"Rampton and Stauber's book explodes the cult of expertise and shows how easily the media and their readers can be misled by public relations claims masquerading as science. This book makes the best case I know for complete disclosure of the financial conflicts of interest of scientists and the corporate influence on university research." —Sheldon Krimsky, Tufts University Professor, author of Hormonal Chaos: The Scientific and Social Origins of the Environmental Endocrine Hypothesis

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