Not a Star and Otherwise Pandemonium

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Nick Hornby - Author

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ISBN 9781101154120 | 06 Oct 2009 | Riverhead
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In these two stories from bestselling author Nick Hornby, revelations are at hand.

In Not a Star, Lynn has always thought her son, Mark, was a little, well, unremarkable. Until the day a neighbor drops off a porn video at her house, with a note telling her to watch it. Turns out, Mark is rather remarkable in one specific area of his life (and anatomy). Lynn and her husband, Dave, don’t quite know what to think. The revelation of their son’s talent ripples through Lynn’s life as she alternately encounters humor, horror, and unexpected emotional reactions.

What do you do in the face of impending doom? In Otherwise, Pandemonium, you lose your virginity with the hottest girl in the Little Berkeley Big Band… Here, the world is a different place; the future is uncertain; the choices one makes are the only thing standing between a semblance of order or utter chaos. And the TV’s been acting funny. This is a story that makes you think and feel, and reminds us of the fleeting nature of time.

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