American Indian Stories, Legends, and Other Writings

Zitkala-Sa - Author

Cathy N. Davidson - Editor/introduction

Ada Norris - Editor/introduction

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ISBN 9781101157312 | 320 pages | 25 Feb 2003 | Penguin Classics | 18 - AND UP
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Edna Pontellier, a young wife and mother, refuses to be caged by married and domestic life and claims for herself moral and erotic freedom. Through careful, subtle changes of style, Kate Chopin shows Edna's transformation-and its tragic consequences. This unique volume also includes some of Chopin's finest stories, among them "At the 'Cadian Ball" and "Désirée's Baby."

Edited with an Introduction by Sandra M. Gilbert

American Indian Stories, Legends, and Other Writings - Zitkala-Sa

Introduction and Notes by Cathy N. Davidson and Ada Norris

Suggestions for Further Reading
A Note on the Texts

I. Old Indian Legends
Iktomi and the Ducks
Iktomi's Blanket
Iktomi and the Muskrat
Iktomi and the Coyote
Iktomi and the Fawn
The Badger and the Bear
The Tree-Bound
Shooting of the Red Eagle
Iktomi and the Turtle
Dance in a Buffalo Skull
The Toad and the Boy
Iya, the Camp-Eater
Manstin, the Rabbit
The Warlike Seven

II. American Indian Stories
Impressions of an Indian Childhood
The School Days of an Indian Girl
An Indian Teacher Among Indians
The Great Spirit
The Soft-Hearted Sioux
The Trial Path
A Warrior's Daughter
A Dream of Her Grandfather
The Widespread Enigma Concerning Blue-Star Woman
America's Indian Problem

III. Selections from American Indian Magazine
The Indian's Awakening (January-March 1916)
A Year's Experience in Community Service Work Among the Ute Tribe of Indians (October-December 1916)
The Red Man's America (January-March 1917)
Chipeta, Widow of Chief Ouray (July-September 1917)
A Sioux Woman's Love for Her Grandchild (October-December 1917)
Editorial Comment (July-September 1918)
Indian Gifts to Civilized Man (July-September 1918)
Secretary's Report in Brief (July-September 1918)
Editorial Comment (Winter 1919)
America, Home of the Red Man (Winter 1919)
The Coronation of Chief Powhatan Retold (Winter 1919)
Letter to the Chiefs and Headmen of the Tribes (Winter 1919)
Editorial Comment (Spring 1919)
Editorial Comment (Summer 1919)
An Indian Praying on the Hilltop (Summer 1919)
Address by the Secretary-Treasurer, Society of American Indians Annual Convention (Summer 1919)

IV. Poetry, Pamphlets, Essays, and Speeches
Side by Side (March 1896)
A Ballad (January 1897)
Iris of Life (November 1898)
A Protest Against the Abolition of the Indian Dance (August 1902)
The Menace of Peyote (ca. 1916)
Americanize the First American (1921)
Bureaucracy Versus Democracy (1921)
A Dakota Ode to Washington (1922)
California Indian Trails and Prayer Trees (1922)
Lost Treaties of the California Indians (1922)
The California Indians of Today (1922)
Heart to Heart Talk (1922)

Explanatory Notes