Master of Wolves

Angela Knight - Author

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ISBN 9781101158166 | 320 pages | 04 Apr 2006 | Berkley | 18 - AND UP
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Hailed as “exhilarating,”* “ passionate and hot,”** USA Today bestselling author Angela Knight’s supercharged romances combine heated passion with non-stop action. And she’s back with more werewolves and vampires—in a story too hot to handle… Jim London is outraged over the death of his friend, a fellow bounty hunter and werewolf—and thinks the police department of nearby Clarkston cooked up a phony story about Tony’s murder. The only way to find out is to go undercover. And, in his wolf form, Jim can do that better than anybody...

There’s one complication, though. The new police-dog handler, Faith Weston, is sexy enough to bring out the animal in any man…

Jim hadn’t expected the handler to be a woman. That was going to complicate the situation. For one thing, she was gorgeous, way too cute to be a cop. And she smelled just as delicious as she looked, a blend of shampoo and her own natural female scent. He was unable to resist an admiring sniff.
“Beautiful boy,” she purred, raking her nails across the underside of his jaw in a caress that made him want to groan. She grinned, delighted with his reaction. “Like that, huh?”
Jim woofed softly, playing his part to the hilt. She cooed more nonsense at him, and he obligingly panted. Oh, man, he thought. This is going to get old fast. The last thing he wanted to do with a beautiful woman was pretend to be an overgrown puppy. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a choice. If he wanted to find out what the hell was going on, he had to remain in dog form . . . Praise for Angela Knight’s paranormal romances

“A terrific paranormal romantic suspense thriller that never slows down . . . The action-packed story line moves at a fast clip.”—Midwest Book Review

“Suspense and erotic romance . . . intense and compelling.”—The Romance Reader

“[A] paranormal with lots of imagination and plenty of sensual moments . . . one powerfully intriguing book . . . one of the hottest books out [there].”—The Romance Reader’s Connection

“A powerful romantic suspense and sensuous tale all rolled into one alluring and explosive package . . . Twists and turns, fairies, vampires, and sex hot enough to burn, Master of the Night delivers them all.”—Romance Reviews Today

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