52 Ways to Cheat at Poker

How to Spot Them, Foil Them, and Defend Yourself Against Them

Allan Kronzek - Author

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ISBN 9781101213599 | 208 pages | 25 Mar 2008 | Plume | 18 - AND UP
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It’s no news that cheating pervades American culture. Americans cheat on taxes, tests, sports and spouses. But the largest arena for cheating may be at the poker table! With an estimated 60-80 million Americans playing poker every week—for the highest stakes ever—you can be sure that not everyone is playing by the rules!

In this fascinating look at the card sharper’s art—from its origins in Renaissance Italy to the high-tech methods of today—deception expert Allan Kronzek reveals 52 of the most diabolical scams ever invented. Topics include codes and signaling systems, hidden cameras and miniature ear pieces, false shuffles, cuts and deals, peeking and flashing, deck and card switches, culling, instant stacks, marked cards, “location play,” the “cooler,” and dozens of other devious devices.

Each chapter zeroes in on a single cheating concept and provides expert advice on how to spot and foil the scam (when possible!). You’ll learn the secrets of shade, flash, and juice—the subtlest marking systems; why cutting the cards doesn’t guarantee an honest deal, how a crooked dealer can stack the flop in hold ‘em, why casino card rooms are not 100% safe, and how cheating crews crush the opposition without marked cards or sleight of hand.

Thoroughly illustrated and researched, and enlivened with historical sidebars, 52 Ways to Cheat at Poker is essential reading for anyone who plays cards for money— or anyone interested in the ingenious ways cheats steal your money while appearing to do nothing at all.

“Over the course of this plainspoken, often entertaining volume, the reader will learn how to subtly deal from the bottom (or middle) of the deck; various ways to false-cut the cards; methods for colluding with your partners and a range of far more sophisticated maneuvers with rather enticing playoffs.... Anecdotes about such things as cheaters narrowly escaping detection (and, presumably, a whupping) enliven the pages, as do a sprinkling of germane quotes and jokes.... This little book could actually change your life. “
—Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated

“This book has class, depth and covers a mountain of territory....For the price and the depth of material offered, this could be one of the best books of the century on the subject.”
—Howard Schwartz, Gamblers Book Shop

“Provides unique insight into the art of the cheat. In a game where the accumulation of knowledge is paramount, it doesn’t make sense to miss out on this one.”
—Chuck Blount, syndicated poker columnist

“Kronzek’s delightful compendium is a fun and witty guide to the nefarious methods card thieves use to, as they put it, “get the money” – your money. He arms you with the knowledge you’ll need to protect yourself and he presents it with all the verve and snap of a crisply dealt card.”
—Karl Johnson, author of The Magician and the Cardsharp

“A remarkably fresh turn on a very old subject. Without doubt, the first book I would buy a friend who asks, ‘I’m in a weekly poker game. Do you think anyone would try to cheat me?’”
— Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii Magazine

“Once you start reading, even if you’ve never played a game of poker in your life, you’ll find yourself endlessly entertained by the rich history and enticing lore of America’s favorite card game. Of course the book is a perfect gift for anyone who loves poker.”
—Peter Block, Penthouse

“The book is a pleasure to read and study.”
—Martin Gardner, MUM

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