It's Called Work for a Reason!

Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault

Larry Winget - Author

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ISBN 9781101218198 | 256 pages | 28 Dec 2006 | Gotham Trade Paperback | 18 - AND UP
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New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Larry Winget reveals the only thing you need to know to succeed in business: Your success is your own damn fault!

Are you frustrated by your lack of results at work? Have you hit a wall? Are you uninspired, stuck in a rut, feeling under-appreciated? Well, good news: Your success is not up to your boss, your manager, your employees, or the economy. It's up to YOU. Studies say that we actually work only half the time we are on the job. So think about it-- when you say "Bye, honey, I'm going to work!"-- what is it you're really heading off to do? And how is it contributing to your overall success? Business is never bad, people are just bad at being in business. If that makes you mad, this book is for you.

It's time for a swift kick in the pants from The Pitbull of Personal Development®, Larry Winget. Stop making excuses for your lack of success and stop acting like someone owes you a living! Remember the work ethic of your parents and grandparents and make yourself worth more than you cost. That's the way to get ahead, and there's no big secret that will get you there quicker.

Larry is here to ruffle your feathers and show you how to take responsibility for your results. Whether you punch a clock, own your own business, or manage other people, Larry's advice will work for you. Find out why:
* Success is simple
* Teamwork doesn't work
* Our co-workers are really only "co-goers"
* Results are everything
* You don't have to love your job (but it helps!)

Chapter 1. "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go . . ."
Chapter 2. Success is simple
Chapter 3. No one owes you a living
Chapter 4. Results are everything!
Chapter 5. "Your results are your own damn fault"
Chapter 6. You don't have to love your job (but it helps)
Chapter 7. Become invaluable
Chapter 8. The holy of holies
Chapter 9. One big happy family . . . yeah, right!
Chapter 10. Ethics: it's black or white
Chapter 11. How to absolutely destroy the competition
Chapter 12. The eight ATEs of leadership
Chapter 13. Teamwork doesn't work
Chapter 14. You gotta serve somebody
Chapter 15. Nothing happens until something is sold
Chapter 16. Short, hard, expensive lessons
Chapter 17. Larry's dirty dozen employee handbook
Chapter 18. Larry's dirty dozen employer handbook
Chapter 19. So now what?

"With a writing style best described as full-throttle rant, the host of the A&E reality show Big Spender reveals the naked truth about careers... Winget sets a high threshold for delivering a likeable, useful book that will educate and promote behavioral changes. Yet he delivers. His brutal frankness about what's wrong with how businesses--big and small--operate offers a refreshing contrast to other career counseling and management books... Winget's advice is solid: delivering results is the most fulfilling career move one can make."
Publisher's Weekly

"His advice ... is so blunt and so true that it might keep you sane until you retire."
Bloomberg News

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