Insect Dreams:The Half Life of Gregor Samsa

Insect Dreams:The Half Life of Gregor Samsa

Marc Estrin - Author

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ISBN 9781101220771 | 480 pages | 04 Feb 2003 | Blue Hen
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The metamorphosis of Kafka's Gregor Samsa from fabric salesman to cockroach was surely one of the momentous transformations of the modern world. Now, in Marc Estrin's astounding debut, Gregor undergoes yet another metamorphosis-one that propels him across the rocky and often ridiculous landscape of the early twentieth century. In these continuously surprising pages, Estrin's Gregor scuttles his way from Wittgenstein to Alice Paul to FDR, and emerges from it all as the very essence of modern conscience.

“A fascinating, erudite, humorous and humanistic journey through the interwar years.”—Chicago Tribune


“[A] funny, learned and, at times, poetic first novel.”—The Atlanta Journal and Constitution


“An idea with immediate and powerful literary appeal: Gregor Samsa, last seen as man turned cockroach in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, survives. He steps out of the pages of a book into a Viennese sideshow. From there his adventures only become wilder and funnier as the 20th century wears on…Estrin has the wit and brains to pull this off with comic brilliance, but more importantly he has the heart. Not since Don Marquis’s Archy and Mehitabel or Donald Harington’s The Cockroaches of Staymore have we met such a strangely lovable insect.”—The New Orleans Times Picayune


“With wit, humour and daunting intellect, Estrin resurrects one of literature’s most recognized symbols of the plight of modern intoxicating meld of fact and fiction...If you’re a sucker for existentialism, for the big why of life and the bewildering how and where we’ve gone wrong, if you like zany humour underpinned with poignant searching, try dreaming along with Estrin’s Insect Dreams. Get to know his bug. You’ll recognize your own cockroachness in him.”—Toronto Globe and Mail


“Ultimately, Insect Dreams is a compilation of our dreams. It’s the kind of book from which one wakes clutching surreal scenes, desperate to tell others, delighted and baffled and horrified. Of course, Gregor makes a particularly peculiar savior; what do we need the moral example of a frail insect for—so despised and dejected of men? But stranger things have happened.” The Christian Science Monitor


“This ambitious and arresting first novel resurrects Kafka’s half-cockroach Gregor character to cry out against the evils of Nazis and the atomic bomb in a thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking tragicomic romp across defining cultural milestones of the 20th century West. But if this book bears a sobering message, it is also adroitly about the incongruities of life as an insect-human whose trials and sorrows truly seem like our own.”—San Francisco Chronicle


“Brimming with ruminations and observations and delectable bites of backstage history.”—The San Diego Union-Tribune


“Gregor becomes a complex figure in Estrin’s imagination. He’s a troubled soul…A wit deepened by a vivid depiction of generosity, curiosity and heroic persistence.”—The New York Times Book Review


“First: It’s funny. Second: It’s very funny. Third: It’s brilliant.”—Frederick Reuss


“Get ready for a highly imaginative ride through the cultural frontier of the early 20th Century. A colossal book of characters and events that inspires tears of laughter and sadness in its rich blend of clever metaphor and unsettling facts, this book promises to become a pivotal literary landmark. Highly recommended.”—Library Journal (starred review)


“Inventive, puckish Marc Estrin has produced a novel—a first novel, as it happens—that stands apart from business as usual in contemporary fiction...His storytelling—loose and expansive, historical and imagined, funny and sad—is a seriously ambitious work of art as well as a fine entertainment...He asks how the world between 1915 and 1945 might look to Gregor Samsa, the ultimate outsider, and follows the track of the possibilities that present themselves. This nonmethod gives the book its feel of spontaneity and life, its energy, its freedom from the deadening conventions of ordinary fiction.”—World and I


“The joy of this astonishing book—apart from its wit and its true erudition—is the tenderness with which the author treats even the least, and least worthy, of his characters. Insect Dreams is the kind of book you finish and immediately begin rereading, to see if it was really that good. It is.”—Peter S. Beagle


“His encounters with Charles Ives, FDR, Einstein and Oppenheimer, among others, are rendered with a combination of humor, chutzpah and intelligence.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


“A grand comic opera starring a meditative cockroach scuttling through the corridors of power at the fulcrum of the 20th Century. An impressive debut, notable for a generous sense of fun that never detracts from the serious historical and existential implications of all that it so entertainingly depicts.”—Kirkus Reviews


“Hefty and heartbreaking…what Estrin has done should not only be commended, it should be contemplated.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer


“An inspiring read in which the strange life of a cockroach brings daily relevance to humanity’s greatest ideas and aspirations.”—The Bloomsbury Review

“Written in a crisp, entirely absorbing style, describable only as inescapably intriguing...Gregor reflects profoundly on where humankind is going...Few texts of philosophy can deal with such a subject with the same honesty and clarity of this work...Insect Dreams is beyond essential reading, it is essential thinking.”—The Historical Novels Review


“He has a knack for description, and his characterizations of historical protagonists are quick, sure-footed, even poetic.”—The Washington Post Book World


“An intellectual journey that is at once personal and political. Estrin communicates a sadness but also gives us a hero of such nobility that we can’t help but hope that our current period of unspeakable human violence will turn out differently.”—Albuquerque Journal


“[Gregor Samsa] has the luck to travel through all the great points in history between the first and second world wars. Through this, he’s used as a tool to examine the human condition, and because of his transformation—from human to roach—he’s able to offer new insights…charming stuff.”—Willamette Week (Portland, OR)


“An intellectual tour de force that portrays with manic wit and tireless detail twentieth-century history as seen through the eyes of its most famous arthropod….Estrin’s mind games conceal a profound caring for people, their extraordinary creativity matched only by their ability to destroy. Those tireless readers who make it through the roller-coaster ride of Estrin’s encyclopedic imagination will doubtless still be analyzing his complex, challenging first novel as they wait in great anticipation for the next.”—Richmond-Times Dispatch


“With its crazy-legged imagination, darting insights, and twitchy wit, [Insect Dreams] is a creation that defies any sourpuss Raid to kill it dead.”—Tom Robbins


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