How You're Being Fooled by the Numbers

Charles Seife - Author

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ISBN 9781101443507 | 320 pages | 23 Sep 2010 | Penguin | 18 - AND UP
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From the author of Zero, comes this "admirable salvo against quantitative bamboozlement by the media and the government" (The Boston Globe)

In Zero, Charles Seife presented readers with a thrilling account of the strangest number known to humankind. Now he shows readers how the power of skewed metrics-or "proofiness"- is being used to alter perception in both amusing and dangerous ways. Proofiness is behind such bizarre stories as a mathematical formula for the perfect butt and sprinters who can run faster than the speed of sound. But proofiness also has a dark side: bogus mathematical formulas used to undermine our democracy-subverting our justice system, fixing elections, and swaying public opinion with lies. By doing the real math, Seife elegantly and good-humoredly scrutinizes our growing obsession with metrics while exposing those who misuse them.

Introduction: Proofiness

1 Phony Facts, Phony Figures

2 Rorschach’s Demon

3 Risky Business

4 Poll Cats

5 Electile Dysfunction

6 An Unfair Vote

7 Alternate Realities

8 Propaganda by the Numbers

Appendix A: Statistical Error
Appendix B: Electronic Voting
Appendix C: The Prosecutor’s Fallacy

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