The Hellhound of Wall Street

How Ferdinand Pecora's Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance

Michael Perino - Author

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ISBN 9781101444443 | 368 pages | 14 Oct 2010 | Penguin | 18 - AND UP
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"Ferdinand Pecora's famous 10-day investigation into the secrets of Wall Street in 1933 makes a superb story...It has an ideal storyteller in Michael Perino." -Financial Times

A riveting courtroom drama with remarkable contemporary relevance, The Hellhound of Wall Street brings to life a crucial turning point in American financial history: the 1933 hearings that put Wall Street on trial for the Great Crash. Michael Perino recreates the ten dramatic days when Ferdinand Pecora, a Sicilian immigrant turned Senate investigator, cross-examined the officers of National City Bank (today's Citigroup), particularly its chairman, Charles Mitchell, one of the best-known bankers of his day. Pecora's rigorous questioning exposed City Bank's shocking financial abuses, revelations that galvanized public opinion and led directly to the New Deal's landmark economic reforms.



Chapter 1. The Well-Driller and Wall Street
Chapter 2. The Best Cross-Examiner in New York
Chapter 3. Sitting on the Lid
Chapter 4. A Short-Term Job
Chapter 5. Sunshine Charlie
Chapter 6. A Mine of Information
Chapter 7. Junior


Chapter 8. Day One: Unimpeachable Integrity
Chapter 9. Day Two: Morale
Chapter 10. Day Three: Manipulation
Chapter 11. Day Four: Legal Lgerdemain
Chapter 12. Days Five and Six: Intermission
Chapter 13. Day Seven: South of the Border
Chapter 14. Day Eight: Shorn Lamb
Chapter 15. Day Nine: A Free and Open Market
Chapter 16. Day Ten: The End of an Era


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