Super Mario

How Nintendo Conquered America

Jeff Ryan - Author

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ISBN 9781101517635 | 320 pages | 04 Aug 2011 | Portfolio | 18 - AND UP
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The first princess Mario saved was Nintendo itself.
In 1981, Nintendo of America was a one-year-old business already on the brink of failure. Its president, Mino Arakawa, was stuck with two thousand unsold arcade cabinets for a dud of a game (Radar Scope). So he hatched a plan.
Back in Japan, a boyish, shaggy-haired staff artist named Shigeru Miyamoto designed a new game for the unsold cabinets featur­ing an angry gorilla and a small jumping man. Donkey Kong brought in $180 million in its first year alone and launched the career of a short, chubby plumber named Mario.
Since then, Mario has starred in over two hundred games, gen­erating profits in the billions. He is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse, yet he’s little more than a mustache in bib overalls. How did a mere smear of pixels gain such huge popularity?
Super Mario tells the story behind the Nintendo games millions of us grew up with, explaining how a Japanese trading card company rose to dominate the fiercely competitive video-game industry.

 “Jeff Ryan bashes his head against the story of Nintendo and finds all manner of coins and power-ups. He also manages to tell the wider story of how video games have sewn themselves so completely into the fabric of global entertainment. This is a wonderful history.” — Tom Bissell, author of Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter

 “Super Mario is the rightful heir to David Sheff’s Game Over, a tremendous achievement combining a solid retelling of the known story of Nintendo with new information."

Steven Kent, video game journalist and author of The Clone Republic

 “A thorough history of Nintendo’s victories, written by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable fan.”  — Publishers Weekly

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