The 24-Hour Genius

Unlocking Your Brain's Potential with Strategic All-Nighters

Eric Epstein - Author

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ISBN 9781101618226 | 120 pages | 18 Jun 2013 | InterMix
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If a year of study or work is a competitive marathon, all-nighters are often the sprints in which certain runners break away from the pack. Tap into your genius and achieve greater success by learning to strategically pull an all-nighter.
Whether fine-tuning a business plan or trying to come up with the next high performing app, pulling an all-nighter can be your key to success, if used wisely and managed effectively. In The 24 Hour Genius, all-nighter expert Eric Epstein not only offers essential tips on how to keep yourself alert and productive, he also explains how an all night work session can unlock the brain’s creative powers to help you achieveyour goals—and even enhance your results. Exploring famous all-nighter success stories — from Thomas Edison and his “Insomnia Squad” and their invention of the disc record, to the development of the first Macintosh computer —Epstein shows you how to make your own breakthrough with a strategically planned all-nighter. 

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