Into the Flame

Darkness Chosen

Christina Dodd - Author

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ISBN 9781440632600 | 400 pages | 05 Aug 2008 | Signet | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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Meet Doug Black—the Wilder brother who’s been missing for centuries. With no idea of where he’s from, he’s become an angry young cop with the ability to transform into a cougar. in search of others like him, he comes across a beautiful woman who may hold the secret to his destiny...

Test your paranormal knowledge and take a quiz based on Christina Dodd's New York Times bestselling Darkness Chosen series!

  1. If you were going to make a deal with the devil, what would you want?
    1. A castle on the coast
    2. A trip to Scotland
    3. A nice set of razor-sharp knives
    4. Five minutes to yourself

  2. When you and your mate get it on, you prefer:
    1. Doggie style
    2. A fly-by
    3. To be pounced on
    4. Missionary with perfunctory cuddling

  3. You're making a pact with the devil. What do you offer as collateral?
    1. A lovely wine-making empire
    2. A snazzy set of archeologist tools (fedora and whip not included)
    3. Slave bracelets
    4. Your minivan

  4. If you were choosing a name for your murderous, shapeshifting family, you'd go with:
    1. The Pack
    2. The Flock
    3. The Loners
    4. The Darkness

  5. You prefer to be wooed by:
    1. A glass of wine and a nice chase through a thunderstorm
    2. A private cabin on the Orient Express
    3. Plain, simple bondage
    4. A bucket of fried chicken

  6. You know you've met the man of your dreams when:
    1. Your camping trips are punctuated by romps in the sleeping bag
    2. Your trips to Scotland are punctuated by romps in a mossy cave
    3. Your trips to Asia are punctuated by romps in a Himalayan meadow
    4. Your trips to the grocery store are about as much excitement as you can stand

  7. You're having a party and your dream man's college friends show up. You:
    1. Answer the door and tell the cops the howling is a fraternity ritual.
    2. Tell everyone that in order to eat, they must find their food in a scavenger hunt
    3. Get trapped sympathizing with the guy who got caught by animal control... and neutered.
    4. Refill the chips every 30 minutes and run to the store for more beer

  8. The outfit your dream man prefers you in is:
    1. A little black dress
    2. A khaki outfit complete with work boots
    3. A Catwoman suit
    4. Sweats

  9. You're married to your dream man, and the phrase you say most is:
    1. Shall we drink wine and have our incredibly rare steaks on the deck of your castle or go for a picnic in the woods?
    2. Please stop flying around, and come back to bed.
    3. I love you, honey, but please stop sweeping all of my expensive china onto the floor with your tail.
    4. Pick up your socks.

  10. When you order something to surprise your man with, you usually stick with:
    1. Black lace
    2. Feather boas
    3. Animal prints
    4. Latex

If you answered mostly A's, you want a man like Jasha.
Jasha shape shifts into a wolf, enjoys long jogs in the woods, and savors a fine Merlot. For more information on your dream man, check out Scent of Darkness, on shelves now!

If you answered mostly B's, you want a man like Rurik.
He transforms into a hawk and has that Indiana Jones flair for fun archeology. For more information on this dreamy bird of prey, get a copy of Touch of Darkness, on shelves now!

If you answered mostly C's, you want a man like Adrik.
Merciless and sinful, he becomes a black panther when the mood suits him. For tips on how to attract your wild and wicked man, check out Into the Shadow, arriving in stores in July!

If you answered mostly D's, you want your typical guy who drinks beer, watches football, and scratches himself.
May I suggest that you read the entire Darkness Chosen series to spice up your ideals (and possibly your love life)! The final novel, Into the Flame, will be released in August!

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