Valentine's Resolve

A Novel of The Vampire Earth

E.E. Knight - Author

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ISBN 9781440639173 | 368 pages | 03 Jul 2007 | Roc | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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After three years of exile from humanity’s war against the Kurians, David Valentine returns to battle. The Lifeweavers, Earth’s allies in the conflict, have mostly vanished, but those that remain are held captive by an overlord known as the Seattle Kurian. To free them, Valentine must convince the legendary resistance fighter known as the Marshal to join his cause. But the Marshal is something of an overlord himself…

New to Vampire Earth? It's okay, everyone starts somewhere. Come and sit for a spell. I'll get you up to speed.

My series takes place on a very different near-future Earth from the one we know. A race of greedy extra-terrestrials known as the Kurians has put our planet under new management. They were here before, in the murk of pre-history where they served as source material for a few of the world's vampire legends. Now they're back to stay. They crushed our civilization and divvied up the planet into principalities. The Kurians feed off their human livestock, and use imported aliens and home-grown quislings to crush any opposition.

A resistance formed. Some in the former United States call it the Cause.

The Vampire Earth series tells the story of a fighter in that resistance, a Minnesota-bred boy named David Valentine who grew into a man battling the Kurians for a freehold in the Ozarks. In the previous volume, Valentine's Exile, he lost his rank and position in the resistance when he was arrested for murder in the heat of action. He escaped punishment but not his sentence, and is now an outlaw from the cause for which he fought and sacrificed. But the resistance finds that they still need his skills.

Humanity isn't alone in its fight. A race called the Lifeweavers, kin to the Kurians but fierce enemies because the Lifeweavers abhor the use of vampirism, has trained certain humans, including Valentine, to be the equal of the Kurians and their avatars. But the Lifeweavers fled or were killed when Valentine's freehold was overrun, and now he's got to find more or the Cause in the central part of North America is doomed.

Valentine is told that there are Lifeweavers in the Pacific Northwest, and agrees to seek their aid. On his journey he's going to ride with "road warrior" long-haul truckers, infiltrate a hard-hitting air force working for the Kurians, recruit a beautiful Arizona sniper, and meet what's left of the United States government in a vast underground bunker. But nothing he's seen on Vampire Earth prepared him for the bitter war that's being waged in Seattle, thanks to an addled Lifeweaver and a beloved resistance maximum leader who is every bit as bloodthirsty as his arch-enemy, the all-powerful Kurian in Seattle.

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