The Scarlet Letter

A Penguin Enriched eBook Classic

Nathaniel Hawthorne - Author

Nina Baym - Introduction by

Thomas E. Connolly - Notes by

Monica E. Elbert - Editor

Monica E. Elbert - Notes by

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ISBN 9781440656484 | 272 pages | 25 Nov 2008 | Penguin Classics | 8.26 x 5.23in
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A stark and allegorical tale of adultery, guilt, and social repression in Puritan New England, The Scarlet Letter is a foundational work of American literature. Nathaniel Hawthorne's exploration of the dichotomy between the public and private self, internal passion and external convention, gives us the unforgettable Hester Prynne, who discovers strength in the face of ostracism and emerges as a heroine ahead of her time.

Enriched eBook Features Editor Monika Elbert provides the following specially commissioned features for this Enriched eBook Classic:

• Filmography
• Nineteenth-Century Reviews of The Scarlet Letter
• Chronology of Hawthorne's Life and Times (with Images)
• Historical Time Line: Seventeenth-Century England and New England (Massachusetts Bay Colony)
• Witchcraft and The Scarlet Letter (with Images and Martha Corey’s Testimony)
• Puritan Pleasures and Punishments (with Images)
• Puritan Child Rearing and Puritan Children
• Puritan Fashion and The Scarlet Letter: The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre (with Images)
• Hester Prynne and Nineteenth-Century Women’s Rights Movements
• Bibliography and Further Reading
• Images of The Scarlet Letter
• Enriched eBook Notes

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