Monty and Rommel

Parallel Lives

Peter Caddick-Adams - Author

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ISBN 9781468304985 | 640 pages | 24 Sep 2013 | Overlook | 6.14 x 9.01in | 18 - AND UP
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Two men came to personify generalship in the Second World War: Bernard Montgomery for the British and Erwin Rommel for the Germans. In the span of a few short years, they fought a series of extraordinary duels across several theaters of war. Ever since, historians have assessed their outstanding leadership, personalities, and skill. Monty and Rommel is the first comparative biography written of these two extraordinary soldiers. It explores how each was "made" by their war leaders, Churchill and Hitler, and how the thoughts of both permeate down to today's armies.

"Two consummate military men who led their respective countries to victories receive the full-on character treatment by a British military historian. An accessible, well-honed study of two fascinating characters." — Kirkus Reviews

"Bernard Law Montgomery and Erwin Rommel are ideal subjects for a comparative military biography. Without choosing between them, Caddick-Adams compares Rommel to a bold 'modernist painter' and Montgomery to a painstaking 'seventeenth-century minimalist.' It is a striking, appropriate conclusion to an excellent book." — Publishers Weekly

"Behind-the-scenes descriptions that place the reader directly in the action of World War II, the character analysis, and the biographical context are sure to satisfy all curious readers in military biography or World War II history." — Library Journal

"Peter Caddick-Adams's book brilliantly captures the lives and the personalities of these two extraordinary men. In short, Monty and Rommel is not only a first-class work of military history, but one of those books that makes you stop and think, and connect the dots from the past to the present. The author is masterful at bringing alive these two very different (and very difficult) personalities, and has scads of good stories about them . . . Never mind, this is a terrific book, and well worth reading carefully. Unlike most military history it has a certain novelistic depth, and its two major characters are unfailingly interesting." — The Daily Beast

"[A] highly engaging which is stronger on war storytelling than on political analysis, but perhaps wiser than its subjects in recognizing that." — New Yorker

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