God Is a Verb

God Is a Verb

Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism

David Cooper - Author

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ISBN 9781573226943 | 352 pages | 01 Sep 1998 | Riverhead | 6.10 x 8.93in | 18 - AND UP
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Since medieval times, the mystical tradition of Kabbalah was restricted to qualified men over forty—because it was believed that only the most mature and pious could grasp its complexity and profound, life-changing implications. More recently, Kabbalah nearly disappeared—as most of its practitioners perished in the Holocaust. In the national bestseller God Is a Verb, this powerful spiritual tradition, after centuries of secrecy and near-extinction, is explained clearly by one of its most prominent teachers.

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How do we get there? These questions have fueled Kabbalists for nearly a millennium. Rabbi David A. Cooper is the first to bring this obscure and difficult tradition to a mainstream audience in a way that gently leads us to the heart of the subject, showing us how to transform profound teachings into a meaningful personal experience—and appreciate fully this great mystical process we know as God.

God Is a Verb - Rabbi David A. Cooper

Author's Note

Part One: The Past
Ma'Asey Bereshit (The Work of Creation)
Raising Holy Sparks
The Garden of Eden
Mystical Creation
The Nature of God

Part Two: The Present
Olam Ha-Zeh (This World)
Template of Creation
Five Worlds, Five Soul Dimensions
Fate and Miracles
Angels and Demons
Good and Evil

Part Three: Higher Awareness
Ma'Asey Merkevah (The Work of the Chariot)
The Mystical Chariot
The Path of the Tzaddik (Jewish Enlightenment)
The Path of Learning
The Path of Respect
The Path of Generosity
The Path of Lovingkindness
The Path of Moderation
The Path of Purity
The Path of Joy
The Path of Selflessness
The Path of Awe
The Path of Equanimity
The Path of Extraordinary Mind-States
The Path of Life Eternal (God Consciousness)

Part Four: Beyond This Life
Olam Ha-Bah (The World to Come)
Reward, Punishment, and Divine Providence
Dying and Fear
Dying and Death
Heaven, Hell, and Resurrection


"Rabbi Cooper opens wide the centuries-old treasure house of the Jewish tradition. This is a wise book...broad and accessible. It's one of those books that people will read a lot over the years"—Jack Kornfield, bestselling author of A Path with Heart

"David Cooper's rich wisdom and practical exercises bring Judaism alive in an exciting new way."—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of A Woman's Book of Life

"Offers insight into the everyday practice of mystical Judaism...lively prose...a rewarding book."—Publishers Weekly

"A superb, sensitive, and gentle guide."—Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

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