The Complete Idiot's Guide to Backpacking and Hiking

Complete Idiot's Guides

Jason Stevenson - Author

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ISBN 9781592579600 | 368 pages | 06 Apr 2010 | Alpha | 8.26 x 5.23in | 18 - AND UP
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A guide so thorough it will send you packing...

Backpacking remains one of the most popular, and inexpensive, outdoor activities in America. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Backpacking and Hiking helps everyone prepare and plan for a rewarding adventure.

  • Covers planning, training, shopping, and packing for the trip
  • How to live on the trail
  • First aid and other safety tips
  • Practical time—and money—saving hints
  • What gear is necessary—and what isn't
  • Special considerations when traveling with groups or pets

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Get Started with Day-Hiking
Getting started with shorter hikes that allow you to sleep in your own bed at night.

Chapter 2: Hiking for All Ages and Types
Finding a satisfying trail whether you hike by yourself, with a partner, or in a group.

Chapter 3: Camping Overnight
The complete guide to a comfortable night's sleep at parks, campgrounds, and backcountry tent-sites.

Chapter 4: Backpacking Basics
Getting deeper into the woods, mountains, or wherever you want to explore by carrying everything you need on your back.

Chapter 5: Training Your Body for the Trail
Everyday fitness routines to get you in shape for any level of hiking.

Chapter 6: Never Get Lost (Again)
Easy-to-follow map, compass, and GPS tutorials to keep you on the right trail.

Chapter 7: Essentials for Every Trip
The lifesaving gear you should never leave home without.

Chapter 8: Welcome to Gear World
Expert advice on how to buy high- quality and long-lasting equipment.

Chapter 9: Footwear Fundamentals
Finding hiking boots or trail shoes guaranteed to keep your feet happy and blister-free.

Chapter 10: Outdoor Clothing 101
Smart layering advice for weather that's either fair or foul.

Chapter 11: Hauling Your Gear: Daypacks and Weekend Packs
The surefire guide to finding and loading the ideal backpack.

Chapter 12: Shelter from the Storm
Building the perfect sleep system by combining tents, sleeping bags, and ground pads.

Chapter 13: The Outdoor Kitchen
Cooking advice and recipes to fuel every hike and hiker.

Chapter 14: Liquid Refreshment
Where to find water and how to make it safe to drink.

Chapter 15: Hygiene on the Trail
Sensible strategies to keep clean on the trail.

Chapter 16 How to Survive
The no-panic plan on how to respond when trouble arises.

Chapter 17: First Aid
The on-trail prescription to fix blisters, bumps, and bruises.

Chapter 18: The Wild Things
Keeping encounters with poisonous plants and wildlife at a safe but exciting distance.

Chapter 19: High-Country Hazards
Hiking and camping tips for more challenging trails and terrain.

Chapter 20: Expanding Your Skills
Where to seek your next great adventure.


A Glossary

B Resources

C Equipment Checklists

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"Stevenson's clear instruction and trail-tested techniques make this a great introduction to backcountry hiking and camping."
-Jonathan Dorn, editor-in-chief, Backpacker magazine

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